Making progress… sort of…

Despite the rush of early this year (Jan and Febs releases) 2008 has been pretty damn slow for me. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting on track and getting my fingers to the keyboard, despite all my best efforts.

What makes it so hard to sit my arse in that chair and type? One was I let my little reading addiction get away from me. I read fast. Really fast. And there’s this little thing in my head that says “we’ve done enough of that, let’s read a book” — much like some people have the ‘must clean, NOW’ deal going on. Frankly, the must clean thing would be a hell of a lot more useful!

But I’m endevouring to get myself on track.

I’ve put about 4k on the AW? sequel this week, finally getting the first sex scene down on paper. I really want to get it done and to my editor in the next two weeks. I think we are done with edits on Curious Intimacies, or at least the editorial ones. This is my first book with EC so I assume I’ll get line edits back to go over. CI is a short little story, and it seems I’m finally getting a clue with this writing lark, so edits weren’t strenuous. No release date yet, but I’m hoping for sometime this year (fingers crossed!).

Next on the list from there? CI2 – It makes sense to send that to EC regardless of contractual obligations, then there’s this trio of stories I started working (outlines, not editing) with my LI editor on at the beginning of the year. They revolve around three guys who might just possibly be selling themselves a little short.

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