It’s March already?

Heck, it’s nearly April!

So where have I been? Working the day job, being sick, working the day job and being sick some more… seriously, I’m so over being ill in some manner or form.

First it was a doozy of a cold – which I’d half expected with the whole going back to work thing and exposing myself to all those extra germies – then just as I got that sorted the trees started dropping pollen. Now I’m not sure if it’s just a Florida thing, or maybe a very lower southern states thing, but holy-high-pollen-count-Batman! Everything, and I mean everything, gets coated in a thick layer of fluorescent yellow gack. That yellow gack is pollen, and this year oh-lordy-me did my body decide to have a field day with it. I seriously considered nose removal surgery. Adding into all of that I’ve been having some major tooth/jaw problems – like migraine-put-me-in-a-dark-room-and-let-me-scream problems.

The tooth problems *crossfingers* are the only lingering issue at the moment. And even those I think are on the mend. YAY!

Is it April yet? ‘Cause I’m really quite done with March! 🙂

Many of you have been emailing asking after Huntingdawn 3. After the washout writing-wise that was ’09, these little emails – even if they are as short as ‘when’s the next one?’ totally, and I mean totally make my day. As a reader I know what it’s like when there is a big gap in a series you like, so I just want to say thankyou for putting up with this slow-arsed writer who is finally getting her act together. I won’t give a timeline (mainly because I do hope to break it) but the 3rd book is being actively worked on, with some thoughts for a story a little outside the main prophecy storyline for a certain pesky jaguar cousin.

Oh and if you hadn’t seen earlier posts Dave (from the Diner) and a new girl to town Betty are the main couple in the next story.

Like the new look?

I decided that after all my hunting I didn’t like the one column blog style, so I broke out the CS3 and used up my about to expire credits at and voila! Now just to get the entry page done 🙂

I’ve had quite a rush of people emailing me over the last few weeks asking about Huntingdawn 3, and just what is going to happen with the prophecy. Well, I can’t tell you that now, can I, but I’ve finally (big heaving sigh of relief) finished off the follow on from Curious Intimacies (tentatively titled Subtle Domination) and despatched it to my editor, so on to Huntingdawn 3 it is!

I’ve already gotten a couple of thousand words into Dave and Betty’s story – an odd pair of names, right? Originally Betty was supposed to be a dragon… I sooooo wanted her to be a dragon, but the editor nixed that idea *sob*. A dragon, named Betty, mated up to a bobcat Were called Dave… hilarious, no? So I had to come up with a different beast with wings.

I think the working title of The Owl and the Pussycat might give away where I’m heading 🙂

How about a very rough excerpt to give you a little taste of the heroine and her entry into Rockville.

Betty eyed the small green sign that announced the city limits of Rockville, population approx thirty-five thousand and wondered if it was a federal offense to kick it to the ground and stomp on it with definite intent to do bodily harm.

“Knowing my luck lately, it would be.” Instead, she parked her butt against the upright of the sign, leaned over and dug around in her shoe for the Rock-of-Gibraltar-sized stone that had worked its way in there. She put her foot back down with a sigh of relief, and opened her hand to inspect her evil nemesis, The Rock, only to find it was nothing more than a piece of gravel—a tiny one at that.

“Damn it!” Limping back to the middle of the barely two-lane road she turned, snarled at the sign and launched her petty turn of revenge. Tiny as it was it only made a tinny clink against the metal, not a nice, resounding clunk, but it was enough to satisfy a portion of her indignation.

“Why-oh-why did I have the radio so loud?” With her hand up, shading her eyes, Betty peered back along the road trying to see her abandoned car. Nothing. Not even a glint off the flaking chrome bumper. If she hadn’t been enjoying the day, windows down, wind in her hair, rocking out to music she might have caught the knock-knock noise sooner. Like back near a garage, not four-miles-from-anywhere sooner. It’s not like she shouldn’t have expected it—the radio and speakers were the only thing not original on the damn car.

If wishes were horses… Who am I kidding? I’m allergic to horses, I’d still be walking. And while she did have another option, the need to keep a low profile ruled that out.

Aching legs and ankles protesting she swung back around to the city sign and gave it a final one-fingered salute before resuming her trudge toward the city dragging her bag behind her.

Available today – Witch Vamp Were?

I’m usually more on the ball when it comes to release days but the last few days have been a bit of a killer. Kids and their viruses — you can keep ’em!

Despite all that today is the day that Witch Vamp Were?, the continuation of the story started in Accidentally Were?, is released!

The copy from

Shaun’s best friend had proven Weres existed, so why not Vampires? That’s Shaun’s reason for wandering a cemetery in the middle of the night, and she’s sticking to it — no matter how many things go bump in the night. A girl has to do what a girl has to do to prove she’s right.

As for Rob, he’s the big bad wolf…err, cat…here to scare Little Gothic Riding Hood right out of her cherry-red shit-kickers and teach her a lesson about being a sticky beak. Oh the things a Pack Alpha has to do to keep pretty, pert little noses out of his business.

Jakov Pieter’s just the token Vamp that Rob dragged along for atmosphere. After all, what’s not fun about hanging upside down from a tree? The things a Vamp does to humor his friends…pity humoring’s not all he wants to do.

Throw in a three-hundred-year-old ghost, some 7th century mythology, lots of blue sparkles, and a cryptic prophecy about a fated trio of mates, and you have all the fixings of a Greek Tragedy…or maybe it’s a Romance. Capital R, double on the “man.”

Which vamp where? This vamp here. And this witch and were.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual situations, ménage (m/f/m), voyeurism.

And of course, a buy link.

All Boxed Up is done and in edits and slated for release Dec 16th. I have to admit, I started out thinking there was going to be some hard core BDSM in this little story, but what I ended up with couldn’t be any further from that concept if it actually tried! Instead geeky comedy and clutziness abound.