It’s March already?

Heck, it’s nearly April!

So where have I been? Working the day job, being sick, working the day job and being sick some more… seriously, I’m so over being ill in some manner or form.

First it was a doozy of a cold – which I’d half expected with the whole going back to work thing and exposing myself to all those extra germies – then just as I got that sorted the trees started dropping pollen. Now I’m not sure if it’s just a Florida thing, or maybe a very lower southern states thing, but holy-high-pollen-count-Batman! Everything, and I mean everything, gets coated in a thick layer of fluorescent yellow gack. That yellow gack is pollen, and this year oh-lordy-me did my body decide to have a field day with it. I seriously considered nose removal surgery. Adding into all of that I’ve been having some major tooth/jaw problems – like migraine-put-me-in-a-dark-room-and-let-me-scream problems.

The tooth problems *crossfingers* are the only lingering issue at the moment. And even those I think are on the mend. YAY!

Is it April yet? ‘Cause I’m really quite done with March! 🙂

Many of you have been emailing asking after Huntingdawn 3. After the washout writing-wise that was ’09, these little emails – even if they are as short as ‘when’s the next one?’ totally, and I mean totally make my day. As a reader I know what it’s like when there is a big gap in a series you like, so I just want to say thankyou for putting up with this slow-arsed writer who is finally getting her act together. I won’t give a timeline (mainly because I do hope to break it) but the 3rd book is being actively worked on, with some thoughts for a story a little outside the main prophecy storyline for a certain pesky jaguar cousin.

Oh and if you hadn’t seen earlier posts Dave (from the Diner) and a new girl to town Betty are the main couple in the next story.

A New Release Date 12/16/09!

I’ve got the official word that His Intimate Submission will be available the 16th of December. The book page.

And the excerpt (the first short chapter, in fact).

YAY! LOL, I just squeaked a release into 2009 🙂

When I grow up I want to be a romance Heroine.

Have you played that game before? The one where you declare what you want to be when you ‘grow up’ and why.

It’s been years for me, but this morning as I stared in the mirror inspecting my pimplicious face and reflecting on the pain of getting an upper lip wax for the first time in 35+ years yesterday afternoon, I decided I wanted to be a romance heroine when I grow up (or come back in my next life, whatever *shrug*).

You might think “Of course you do, the heroine 9.9 times out of 10 gets the hunky hero and they live happily ever after”, but no, thats not the reason why. I’ve decided I want to be a romance heroine because they don’t seem to have to suffer the indignities of primping quite the same way the rest of us do.

Depending on who you follow on twitter, you might have seen some various comments about the fact that no-one ever pees in romance books…well, the heroines at least. Men often do, although its always a very closed door affair. These couple of random comments (and the one about my best ideas coming from contemplation time on the loo) got me thinking — all our lovely, perfect, flawed, kick arse, Mary Sue, thin, fat, inbetween, tomboy, barbie girl, mother nature heroines seem to have a void when it comes to primping.

Other than the tomboy to siren plot line, you never see the heroine go get her eyebrows waxed… let alone her upper lip, and you sure dont get to see her eyes glisten with the pain of a little asian lady ripping out bodyhair by the dont-want-to-let-go-roots. (Okay, I might just be harbouring a teensy little bit of angst toward the lovely Ms Lily at my nail salon for the lip wax thing because holycrapmonkeysdamn why didn’t anyone warn me how much that freaking hurts!! Ms Lily really is nice, and she’s a pretty dab hand with a brush and building fake nails for people like me who can’t grow them.)

Which leads to another point… where are the fake nails? And why do they always belong to the evil bitches who want the hero, or want to rule the world, dominating one man at a time and collecting enormous amounts of Baby Daddy monies? It seems all the heroines have perfect nails. No worried to the quick, flaky, hangnail, or overgrown cuticle in sight. What’s up with that??

And as for hair. What, heroines can’t have hair colours of artificial means? ( Kick arse urban fantasy, fantasy and scifi chicks excepted, cause you know elves with pink hair are hawt.) Seriously, I can’t be the only author with hair an unnatural shade of purple or pink (depends on the week, heh 🙂 ), heck even an never-seen-in-nature shade of blonde… And just why-oh-why has colour treated hair become yet another sign of the villianess…or worse, the whore of the story?? But that’s a whole other post.

So yeah, I’ve decided I want to be a romance heroine because they have perfect hair (that glistens/shines/glints/curls softly/wonderfully sleek), perfect brows (no unibrows and stray curlies need apply, and we wont touch on *whispers* ‘down there’… cause frankly, I don’t wanna know), and wonderful strong, perfectly shaped nails. Because frankly, I don’t have none of that.

And I want it.

Really bad.

More to love

If you’ve read any of my books you’ll know that I’m a fan of the plus sized heroine. That means size 14 and above, not the Hollywood ideal that a size 10 is plus sized.

From Jo to Bea, Wren to Pearl, and Sam to Emma my plus-sized heroines have found themselves men who love them, generous curves and all.

I wrote my stories with these heroines for a specific reason — I’m writing what I want to read. Real women – no I’m not saying fat is ‘real’, just that a sz 14 is more realistic for the average woman than a size 4 or 6 – meeting real men (okay, I caved a little on the men, but hey, Rex in Accidentally Were? is a big hairy bear of a man) who fall in love with them as they are. Outside of Chicklit – where, face it, they usually get ‘skinny’ to get their ideal guy – it’s damn hard to find women of size battling the bad guys, solving the crimes and saving the day. I like to write stories about women doing exactly that. Well, saving the day maybe, suspense and crime drama storylines seem to be eluding me at the moment 🙂

Why am I rambling on about heroines with more to love? The ladies over at Smart Bitches, of course! They have an interesting topic up today: The Plus Size Heroine – the one who’s well adjusted. A topic near and dear to my heart.

Frankly, no woman is ever happy about her shape. If there’s not too much, there’s not enough. If the weight is right, the proportions are not. It webbles, it wobbles, and horror of all horrors… it all falls down! It’s universal – fat, thin or in between. Seriously.

As a plus sized woman I don’t want to read the ‘I’m so fat, and he’s my gorgeous gym instructor and he will only love me when I’m thin’ story line. I also don’t want to read the story that is ‘my life is so bad because I’m fat’ or the ‘I’m fat so I don’t deserve any better’ either.

I want to read stories with kickarse heroines who save the day, who worry about all the same things every woman worries about and finds a lover who thinks a bit of junk in the trunk (or hood in my case) is just what he needs keeping him warm on a cold winters night. NOT A STORY ABOUT A FAT WOMAN.

There is a difference. A really fricking huge one (no pun intended). Confidence.

People don’t like to read about size 4 Mary Sue whining her little head off about not being pretty enough, and they sure don’t like reading about Mary Sue’s size 18 sister whining about not being skinny enough. But they do love reading stories about women who have confidence (or find it over the course of the story), who get on with doing what they have to to succeed/live to fight another day/beat the bad guy/save the world — why not have that woman be a size 18? Make your heroines as diverse as the world live in, embrace all the different sizes and colours of women the world over.

Romance novels are a fantasy, an escape, it’s said. Well my fantasy includes a size 18ish woman, in some kick arse, sexy as hell 3 inch heels beating the fuck out of a bad guys goolies (with aforesaid heels), before reapplying her lipstick and making out with the hunky geek neighbour who’s in absolute awe of the beautiful amazon next door – not one of the Olsen twins on a ‘fat day’.

You know, that really is a good idea for a plot line. **scribbles on idea pad**

PS Imagea are of Fluvia Lacerda an intl sz 16 model pretty damn sexy – no?