It’s March already?

Heck, it’s nearly April!

So where have I been? Working the day job, being sick, working the day job and being sick some more… seriously, I’m so over being ill in some manner or form.

First it was a doozy of a cold – which I’d half expected with the whole going back to work thing and exposing myself to all those extra germies – then just as I got that sorted the trees started dropping pollen. Now I’m not sure if it’s just a Florida thing, or maybe a very lower southern states thing, but holy-high-pollen-count-Batman! Everything, and I mean everything, gets coated in a thick layer of fluorescent yellow gack. That yellow gack is pollen, and this year oh-lordy-me did my body decide to have a field day with it. I seriously considered nose removal surgery. Adding into all of that I’ve been having some major tooth/jaw problems – like migraine-put-me-in-a-dark-room-and-let-me-scream problems.

The tooth problems *crossfingers* are the only lingering issue at the moment. And even those I think are on the mend. YAY!

Is it April yet? ‘Cause I’m really quite done with March! 🙂

Many of you have been emailing asking after Huntingdawn 3. After the washout writing-wise that was ’09, these little emails – even if they are as short as ‘when’s the next one?’ totally, and I mean totally make my day. As a reader I know what it’s like when there is a big gap in a series you like, so I just want to say thankyou for putting up with this slow-arsed writer who is finally getting her act together. I won’t give a timeline (mainly because I do hope to break it) but the 3rd book is being actively worked on, with some thoughts for a story a little outside the main prophecy storyline for a certain pesky jaguar cousin.

Oh and if you hadn’t seen earlier posts Dave (from the Diner) and a new girl to town Betty are the main couple in the next story.

Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch?

If you do, you have in your hot little hands a perfectly good  eBook reader.

Head to the AppStore and download this nifty – and FREE – app called Stanza. Once it’s installed here’s what you do with it…


Yes, this is the ‘something in the works with ARe’ I mentioned in the last post.

Lori of ARe let me know a week or so ago that they’d chosen Accidentally Were? to use in their how to video for Stanza and the ARe bookshelf. I was totally floored! 

ARe offer some great opportunities to authors for free promo (along with some paid options, too), and are amazing in their continual support of the romance industry via eBooks.  If your an author you should look them up, and if your a reader you couldn’t ask for a better site to find many, many romance titles!

So when you’re out and about (or sitting in the car rider lane like I always seem to be) you now know just where you should go to download a book…or two or three 🙂

Available at ARe…

Accidentally Were? is now available at All Romance eBooks!

Pearl and Rex have even made the front page What’s Hot list!!
If you’re a ARe fan, you can find all my books listed here. I’m going to hazard a guess that AW? will be up at Fictionwise sometime in the next week, too.

Tea for Three has been doing well at Fictionwise, going up and down in the later half of the Top 10 highest rated list for Loose Id. If you’ve purchased a copy of any of my books at either site, I’ll beg shamefully for you to go add your review of the story. It’s horribly tacky, but it’s a great pump to an authors ego to see their name in flashing lights 🙂