Yes, another theme.

I told you. I’m a theme junkie.

I also have itchy fingers for creating new graphics. They may suck eggs, but hey, they are mine, no-one else will have the same since they aren’t stock photo shots. And since I have this groovy camera, all these freaking lights and all the guff for high/low key photos I should be able to come up with some good stuffs, right?

Here are some of the others.

Authors of Erotic Romance

I have been a busy beaver with my new found leet website building skillz (Sorry, my gamer period coming to the fore there), and have been working hard to get up and running and starting to fill it with interesting content for readers and authors alike.

We have started the first ‘Under the Influence’ post, where we authors are prompted by an image and have to create a short story and post it for you readers (there is a seperate comments post for you readers to tell us what you think). This stories should vary quite a lot as we have contemporary, scifi, historical, paranormal…well you name it we have it in our little band of fresh off the block writers.

All the writers of AOER are recently published, or just about to be in the next few months, so we have done a lot of learning in the last 3-12mths. We want to be able to help any other aspiring authors from flailing in the deep end. In other parts of the website we will have all sorts of interesting goodies for up and coming authors (We are working on them now to have them posted in the next 1-2 weeks).

So come join us, save us to your favourites and pop back every week and catch up with us as we post new shorts, and new articles

Review updates

There is now a review page for Position Vacant (phew someone thought it didn’t suck!), and a few new reviews for Persuading Jo.

You know, the reviewers have been so nice with PJ, that I am really hoping I have done just as good a job with T43 (say it…see Tea for Three), it will really suck if it turns out they all hate it! Ooh the pressure!!

Murphy’s Law

That as soon as I send out a big lot of emails saying ‘Hey, I had to change domain names’, it all comes right and makes me feel like an ass. Believe me, you don’t want to see the air around my room – blue, blue, verging on purple!

Not to worry, I transferred everything over, parked hotspicylove.coms butt pointing right here at, and we are all hunky dory again. You can hotspicylove me or be more conventional with good old

Welcome back!

After much yelling, screaming, ranting, raving and hairpulling. I am up and functioning again – sort of!

My last template went screwy – along with my database – so we are starting afresh today. I’m hoping to figure out how to change the random Flikr feed up top to my personal feed, but I havent figured it out yet. Anyone with any clue, please feel to email me and tell me how – it could really save my sanity!

Pages are set for comments, so readers please, feel free to say you loved or hated a book – I can take it like a big girl (most days…today, for example is a scream like a spoiled brat day).