Seen around the net…

  • Anne’s Addictions was mentioned on Teleread Mar 23rd
  • Huntingdawn 1& 2 got some nice mentions on a reader blog. What Kim had to say: “This was a nice, lighthearted read and the opening scene alone, with Pearl being chased through town by every randy canine in town was worth the price of downloading it.” & Another, funny, lighthearted read. I loved Shaun’s feistiness, and the scene involving Rob and Jakov spying on her through her bedroom window, from a tree:¬†Priceless!”
  • I had no clue that Accidentally Were? was nominated in the 2008 Australian Romance Readers Book Awards in the Favourite erotic eBook category until Google Alerts let me know much too late.¬† It was an instant upper/downer knowing I’d already lost out to the talented Bianca D’Arc.
  • This was another interesting tidbit from Google Alerts: Tea for Three (avail only in eBook, unless I wasn’t told something lol!) has a page at B&N. Possibly some follow through already from the FW / B&N merger?

Where in the world…

It seems there are a large amount of people in Canada who have latched on to the Sony eReader experience – at least half my sales of Anne’s Addictions PRS505 covers have been sent internationally so far, and the majority of them to Canada (but also England, Spain, Australia, and enquiries from as far as the Netherlands).

And here was me thinking it would be the other way around. Just a few internationally, and the majority within the USA since I believed that to be the main sale venue for the device. So, am I just not hitting the right fabric choices for the Americans, or is it just that the Canadians like to dress up their devices more?

Feel free to leave comments, or suggestions for fabric.

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