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WOW. What a great story. I was hooked from the start and read this book in one sitting. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of this series. The coming together of these three was one of the best ménage books I have read. I only wish, selfishly, that it was longer as I was having such a good time reading it! I really enjoyed the look into the characters, their personalities and their incredible love life. I liked the fact that the two men were already in a committed relationship when Jo was introduced into the equation, so there were no homophobic reactions or worries written into the explosive yet emotionally charged love scenes. This story was sensual, erotic, emotional, inspiring and, partly because of the already established friendship, so very much fun to read. I not only greatly recommend this book but recommend you keep your eyes out for the next book in this series.

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Ann Douglas’s debut book PERSUADING JO fulfilled every expectation I had when I picked it up. With a plot that grabs your attention right from the first page and sex scenes hot enough to curl your toes there’s no way you’ll be able to put this book down before you’ve read the entire thing. I fell in love with Matt and Brian. They’re so sexy together. I can’t imagine any woman even wanting to try to resist being with these two dynamic men. Jo knows that she’s in love with Matt and Brian but her self esteem issues get in the way. Luckily Matt and Brian have been her friend long enough to help her over any hurdles or doubts she might have. This is definitely a keeper.

This is the first book in Ms. Douglas’s THE MCCABES series. I’ll be waiting impatiently for the other books in this promising looking series.

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Jo has the strength of a survivor and she just may surprise the men in her life. Matt is easy-going with a bit of a dark side, ruthless in court and when he wants something badly. Brian is sweet and strong and knows how to use words to describe the beauty in life, and in Jo. The sex between them is explicit and scorching. Any woman would be lucky to have the love of either man, but both of them? Ooh, I’m jealous! Jo’s cousin, Jason is the only secondary character of note, a truly scummy human being.

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Persuading Jo: The McCabes by Anne Douglas is a ménage lovers dream. Filled with romance, passion, and riveting sensual delights, I never wanted this book to end. Jo is a real woman with problems readers can relate with. My heart went out to her as she yearns for love. Jo is a swan who thinks of herself as and ugly duckling. Sexy and charismatic describe both Matt and Brian. Their strength and shear force of will could be felt through the pages as they struggled to win Jo’s heart.

Vivid wickedly sensual love scenes left me breathless. Whether it was Matt and Brian sharing a powerful orgasm or Jo releasing the passionate wild woman inside, Ms. Douglas pulls the reader into the heat of the moment. I had to turn up the ac to cool off. These three lovers share more than brief erotic interludes, they are bound by love and caring.

Persuading Jo is book I will read over and over again. The powerful emotions these characters feel for each other grip the reader and never let go. This book will definitely go on my bookshelf.

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While I’ve been a fan of Anne Douglas’ stories for quite a while, I had been looking forward to this one for a while. Anne always does a great job of portraying the emotional aspects of a story, but I was still surprised by the intensity of the emotions in this story on all sides. The sex was hot and extremely well-written, but above all, Persuading Jo is a reminder that love takes many forms and not always what you expect. I’m really hoping for another from Anne in this vein.

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Anne Douglas has written a very emotional novel, one to make the reader easily slip into the characters world. I liked all the characters but with so little back story on the men, I didn’t feel as connected to them. This novel is strictly Jo’s story. I love the men’s protective attitude and the way they showed their love for her. “Persuading Jo” nicely portrayed how Jo blossomed under love and started to believe in herself. She seemed a little passive at first and it really made the outcome all the better. The heat between the three was very intense and made the romantic scenes all the more gripping. For a sizzling, romantic romp to pull at your heartstrings, “Persuading Jo” is the book to buy.

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4.5 cupids for Plot, and 4.5 Red Hot
cupids for Pleasure

PERSUADING JO is a ménage-a -trois reader’s dream. All three characters are written very well and are very likeable. Matt and Brian are dreamy and would make any woman desire and want them warming her bed. Despite Jo having a hard and victimized history she is quite strong and has an inner drive and desire to succeed at what she sets her mind to. In PERSUADING JO there is light humor and a tad bit of drama, but what the focus of this story is, is to get Jo to accept and be in a relationship with her two best friends. The way in which the author does this is through a series of sensual steps that get your heart racing and Jo sexually primed for her two friends. Brian and Matt are any girl’s wet dream so their seduction of Jo is not a difficult process. Yet because of some of her emotional scars there are a few road bumps in the way. The scenes with Jo and her men are very hot and take place in some wonderful places like outdoors and a shower scene to die for. The relationship between Matt and Brian in and of itself is very hot and these two men are very loving and physical with one another and eventually this includes Jo. The conclusion of this story is quite passionate and tender. I really enjoyed how MS. DOUGLAS made this steamy ménage-a -trois believable and work. The feelings and desires between all the characters are intense and their bond sexually is only highlighted and strengthened by their friendship. The respect and love they all share is quite enviable and their erotic scenes are not easily forgotten. I am so curious about the next book in this series.

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5 Cupids for Plot and Pleasure

Persuading Jo is an excellent read. To read about how loveable Matt and Brian act in order to help Jo to overcome her shyness is really sweet and something you want to read and read and read again. That the two men love Jo from the bottom of their hearts and that they want Jo really in their relationship is a heart-warming experience to read about. The love scenes are scorchingly hot and the only sad thing about this book is that there has to be an end, but not before you read the next parts of this series coming soon to Loose-Id.

Persuading Jois a great first part of the new series The McCabes by author Anne Douglas. I am looking forward to the next parts of this unconventional love story.

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What an amazing story! The McCabes 1: Persuading Jo tells a story of unconditional love. Brian, Jo and Matt’s lives are unconventional certainly, but their stories are of people who love each other nonetheless. Ms. Douglas’s premise is an interesting one which might have been a mess in less sure hands. The main characters push the plot and they are written so true to life that I felt that I might know them. They are not without fault, which makes them even more real. I was sorry to see this book end. Not only will I read more of Ms. Douglas’s work but I hope that this is the first of a series.

Fallen Angels Reviews 5 Angels!

The McCabes: Persuading Jo is a tantalizing story that will have your blood pressure soaring as you join these two sexy men in their pursuit of Jo. This tale has been very well written and contains detailed sexual encounters, although not for everyone, I found these scenes to be very alluring and highly erotic. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the love and devotion between these characters and felt that Jo was a lucky woman. Anne Douglas has created a fantastic story with The McCabes: Persuading Jo and earned herself a new fan in the process. 5 Angels!!


Will & Grace has a lot to answer for РNOT, one hastens to add, that author Anne Douglas has anything to apologize for on that score, but the fact remains, any m̩nage a trios involving two gay men, a cute female roomie, and the not-so-nagging suspicion that one or both of them want to have their way with her, is bound to draw comparisons, no matter how much the reader tries to shut the mind to the ensuing images.

Jo, Matt and Brian met when all three were at college, and it swiftly became apparent, to the boys, anyway, that the trio was destined to be together forever. But fair’s fair; Jo had the right to determine her own life, so they let her be… and, for eight long, frustrating years, they watched as she made one bad choice after another, and was nowhere nearer to finding happiness than the day she first walked through their door, and almost caught them having sex. Brian stood up just in time, but she knew what he’d been doing down there, and they knew she knew, which sets the tale up perfectly for some delirious bouts of voyeurism, shot through with stolen fragments of the lovers’ conversation. So Jo knows the score as well. She just needs to be persuaded….

Persuading Jo is a quick and exhilarating read, its 91 pages a rollercoaster ride on which every scene is either setting up for sex, coming down from it, or just going at it hammer and tongs. There is a subplot, involving Jo’s creepy cousin, but it doesn’t really go any place before fizzling out in a final chapter that winds things up a lot more abruptly than it ought to. The dialogue is a little cheap, too, with the boys, in particular, cursed with a vocabulary straight out of an early 80s porn flick. For all that, however, Douglas tells her tale with vivid verve, and the hiccups are certainly overwhelmed by the highs.

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Persuading Jo was a skillfully written book. Anne gave us a look into romantic ménage that was not only sex, but love. Her love scenes had me glued to the book, the shower scene with Jo, Brian and Matthew was wonderfully done. It’s hot and intense yet with a gentleness which showed their love for the woman in between them. Jo is a character that women can relate to. She has a sweet innocence about her and yet she opens like a beautiful flower under her best friends, now lover’s touch. I loved how she fainted every time she had an intense sexual experience. It made her quirky and loveable.

Romantic Times, April 2007

The McCabes:Persuading Jo
Anne Douglas
3 Stars

Three best friends come to perms with changes in their relationship. Character development is limited by the short word count, and there are same-sex encounters, menage-a-trois and anal sex elements. This is definitely not a story for the faint at heart.

Summary: Jo has been jealous of the close relationship her friends Matt and Brian enjoy. She knows they’re lovers, yet she can’t help but wish she was part of their loving circle. When the rules change and they begin to pursue her, will she give in to the passion and attraction that has ruled her life for so long, or will she walk away?

Reviewer: Kristi Ahlers

The Romance Studio

Jo, Matt, and Brian are three very lucky individuals; all three are close friends, and Matt and Brian are life partners. Jo utilizes them as a litmus test for her dates, none of which so far have matched up. What Jo has yet to ascertain is that Matthew and Brian intend to include her in their relationship: all three of them in one house, one partnership, children and dogs expected. Jo has experienced difficulties growing up: losing her parents at thirteen, her cousin and appointed guardian had insistently attempted to access her huge inheritance. She entered college at seventeen, but despite her funding and brilliance Jo was extraordinarily insecure. Brian and Matt had been friends since freshmen year, dating women frequently, but found themselves drawn together, and in junior year found a place off-campus, advertising for a roommate. Jo, a freshman, applied.

Brian and Matt knew instantly that Jo was their soul mate, the piece that would complete their puzzle, but it took Brian to realize that this puzzle had three pieces, not just two. But the men were then twenty-two and Jo only an emotionally underdeveloped seventeen, much too young to introduce yet to their plans. In the intervening years, Matt and Brian have endeavored to help develop Jo’s confidence; as a plus-size lady, and given the browbeating and greedy manipulations of her cousin, she needed time and social exposure to heal emotionally. Brian and Matt have waited patiently, guiding her subtly, but now it is time to fit all the puzzle pieces into their rightful place.

This story is truly engrossing, and the ménage makes perfect sense in the framework in which the author sets it. The sensuality is sizzling, the characters are extremely well-developed, and the plot line intriguing. I highly recommend this, and anticipate eagerly further stories in this new series.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Annie
November 23, 2006


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