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Nymph Rating: 5 Nymphs
Nymph: Northern Nymph
Jo and her two husbands Brian and Matt are back for a romantic interlude. These three are as steamy as ever!

Brian and Matt decide that Jo needs a break from her attempts to have a baby so they kidnap her for a long weekend. Much to their delight the weekend starts off early with a fun make out session in the truck and a surprise visitor!!!

I loved the story of these three in The McCabes: Persuading Jo and it was nice to read about them again! They are still the same sexy, sensuous threesome that I remember!

Coffee Time Romance

Rating: 4 cups
The previous book in this series told the story of Jo and the men she loves, Matt and Brian. The McCabes: Making Out makes a nice addition to the original tale. I always enjoy learning more about characters that are truly endearing as these three characters are. Ms. Douglas gives fans of m/m/f menage stories another terrific reason to run out and buy a great book. Anyone who has read The McCabes: Persuading Jo needs to add this gem to their collection, and anyone who has not should get both books and have a great time reading about this trio of fabulous characters.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

Fallen Angels Reviews

4 Angels
Rites Of Spring: The McCabes Making Out picks up where The McCabes 1: Persuading Jo left off but can be read as a stand alone story. When we left the McCabes, they were enjoying their newly discovered sex life and we pick back up to Jo obsessing over charts and thermometers in order to get pregnant.

Brian and Matt have decided that a little time away from the ovulation charts might just wipe away some of the stress and tiredness that has been showing in Jo’s eyes, but how will Jo react to her surprise?

I enjoyed this little glimpse into the lives of the McCabes and thought that author Anne Douglas did a fine job of giving us this little tease and plenty of heat only to whet our appetites for more. I give Rites Of Spring: The McCabes Making Out 4 Angels. It was really great to see more of Jo, Brian and Matt and I will be looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.

Reviewed by: Tammy

The Romance Studio

Matt, Brian and Jo are very happy in their unconventional relationship. All three love each other and everyone is happy…except Jo. They have decided to have a baby, and although they have plenty of loving sex, Jo has not gotten pregnant. Matt and Brian are tired of thermometers, temperature charts and sex on a schedule. They decided that enough is enough and kidnap their wife!

Rites of Spring: Making Out is a fun interlude following The McCabe’s: Persuading Jo. It is a short-short story bring back the characters that Ms. Douglas wrote so well in Persuading Jo. The three main characters are the only characters in this interlude and that is just fine! Together, they have sex, intimate, graphic and erotic sex, in every possible fashion. This book does contain scenes of M/M and M/F/M sex which might bother some readers. The only thing that Jo, Brian and Matt have to worry about is the possibility of being caught on the road by a police officer! Lighthearted and arousing, this story is just plain fun.

Overall rating: 5 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Marcy Arbitman

Joyfully Reviewed

Jo, Brian, and Matt have hit a rough patch. It seems that lately, all Matt and Brian do is work and watch Jo stress about trying to become pregnant. But not to worry they have a plan to take care of Jo.

Making Out is a delightful interlude that brings you up to date on the characters that you met in The McCabes 1: Persuading Jo. I loved this short story that allowed me to visit with characters that I had fallen in love with. The passion that Jo, Brian and Matt feel for each other will scorch you. If you haven’t read The McCabes 1: Persuading Jo I urge you to pick it up when you go shopping for Making Out which I recommend for everyone’s must have list.

Love Romances and More

Reviewer: Tina
Rating: 4 Hearts

Knowing the woman they love has been under too much stress, Brian and Matt plan a week away for Jo. Without her knowledge they reschedule all her patients and get someone to look after the animals while they’re gone. Brian and Matt know she’s been under even more stress since they started trying to conceive a child. They plan on showing her they don’t care if she carries their child or they adopt.

Their plans take a temporary detour at a rest stop where their sexual desires for each other overpower their need to get to their destination.

Will they be able to convince Jo that they’ll love her no matter what the outcome of a baby, or will she need some more persuading?

When we last read about these three characters they were riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after as one big family. This reviewer waited patiently, okay, maybe not so patiently for part two of the McCabe’s. While MAKING OUT was a great interlude to the original this reviewer was disappointed it wasn’t longer. This reviewer just knows there’s more to this happy trio then a brief interlude.

That being said, this reviewer feels that without a doubt Ms. Douglas wrote a powerful scene, with tension, desire, temptation and a snippet of suspense when the police arrived to patrol the rest stop.

If you enjoyed The McCabe’s: Persuading Jo you’ll enjoy MAKING OUT. You can’t go wrong with anything written by Ms. Douglas.

Two Lips Reviews

Heat: 2 Chillies
Rating: 5 Kisses

Jo is stunned to when she discovers her mates have scheduled a vacation for the three of them at the beach. Brian and Matt needed to bring back the spontaneous passion in their relationship that the struggle to get pregnant had removed. Matt finally loses his control in the truck on the way to the beach and sets out to prove to his lovers that the love the three share is all he needs to be happy. It will take some explosive making out to calm him down and to set all their minds at ease.

Making Out brings back the wonderful characters from Anne Douglas novel Persuading Jo for an erotic interlude. Matt, Brian and Jo are at their steamiest in the truck reminding me of why I always loved men in trucks. There is no doubt that Making Out is a highly erotic story, and yet, there is a deep core of love between the three that is evident in every touch, every sigh and every kiss making this brief interlude you will not want to miss.

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