Making Out

Making Out
ISBN: 978-1-59632-432-9
Cover Artist: April Martinez


Baby Fever. Jo has a bad case of it, and Matt and Brian are determined to get her to unwind.

What do you do when love notes become temperature charts, sex toys become thermometers, and your sex life is on a timetable?

You sneak around making plans, you scheme behind people’s backs, you kidnap your wife … and then? … you hope the cops don’t catch you Making Out!

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It took both men a moment to cotton on to what she had just alluded to, so Jo made use of the few seconds she had before they took retribution to curl her hand around the hardening bulge in Matt’s shorts. She managed to wiggle her foot under the leg of Brian’s shorts, too; gently kneading his balls with her toes, being careful to only tickle.

Brian’s rough, strong, working hands pulled her foot free with a groan, then grabbed her by the waist. He tugged her from her sideways perch on Matt’s lap till she straddled his groin; one leg on either side of his impressively bulging crotch. She couldn’t resist grinding down to try ease the ache growing in her pussy.

With a flick of his wrist Brian had her tank top up and over her head. Then he was pulling her arms down and behind her back, looping the fabric around her wrists, loosely binding her; pushing her shoulders forward and her lace covered breasts out like an offering.

“Don’t think we won’t finish what you just started Jo.” The sexy rumble of Brian’s words tickled across her exposed breasts just before he pulled hard on her nipple with his mouth, suckling; teasing the tightening flesh behind the lace with his teeth as Matt reached between them. Matt pulled at the elastic waist of Brian’s shorts until his cock was exposed in all its engorged glory, straining up towards his navel.

Ha! Like finishing off what she had started was any sort of threat! She had grown a lot, sexually speaking, since they had moved from friends to lovers, and she wasn’t above using a little manipulation to get what she wanted. And she wanted her men. Right here, right now — their little plan to kidnap her and take her away from her worries for a week had earned them more brownie points than it had lost them.

“You really think we three can get it on in the cab of your truck?” Raising her eyebrows in disbelief she made sure her dare would well and truly be heard.


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