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Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Reviewer: Marcy Arbitman
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O

Craig and Jack live a happy, loving and sexually fulfilling life. Suddenly, Craig begins to feel uneasy; although he loves Jack dearly, Craig sometimes misses the touch of a woman. Jack knows that something is bothering Craig and begins to worry that he will lose the only person he has ever loved. Into their lives limps Wren. She was crippled by the drunk driving accident that killed her mother when she was fifteen. Wren is larger than usual and she knows that no man will ever love her. Is it possible for her to believe that two men could love her?

Tea for Three is a wonderful new novel by Anne Douglas. A relatively new author, Ms. Douglas has a wonderful grasp on her craft. Craig, Jack and Wren are real people with real life strengths and foibles; I easily felt that they could be neighbors of mine. The three of them were hard working people who were written to reflect the seriousness of loving relationships. Throughout the book, I felt attached to them, happy with and for them and sad when they were sad. The plot seamlessly flowed from beginning to end without a single bump in the path. Craig and Jack were interested in bringing Wren into their household as part of their family, with even the possibility of having children at some point. Wren was a virgin; Jack and Craig inducted her into a fabulous loving sex life with grace and extremely erotic behavior. This book is not for anyone who objects to specific m/f/m ménage; the sex was unbelievably orgasmic. Ms. Douglas pulled me right into their bed; I was desperate for some sexual activity when I finished the book. I truly enjoyed Ms. Douglas’ Tea For Three!

Literary Nymphs

Nymph Rating: 4 Nymphs
Nymph: Northern Nymphs

Craig and Jack are in a wonderful committed relationship. But for Craig, who just turned 30, something is missing. That is until he meets Wren.

Wren is very skeptical when she meets Craig at a bar. Most guys don’t go for the more voluptuous kind of girls, especially when they have to use a cane. But fate has thrown her into Jack and Craig’s path. The three start off as friends but the men know that they are not complete without Wren in their lives and in their bed. They are more than willing to help her overcome all the obstacles that have been put in her path to make her theirs!

Anne Douglas writes a wonderful story of love, passion and acceptance. It was nice to see a plus size woman being loved and desired by two very sexual guys! The story is well written and gives the perfect amount of heat! This story will be put in my to-be-read-again folder!

Fallen Angel Reviews

Jack and Craig are very happy and have a very satisfying relationship. However, as Craig turned thirty he started looking at his life and feeling that something is missing. He is still happy with Jack, but Craig misses the softness of being with a woman. Still, Craig won’t do anything to jeopardize his relationship with Jack, so his longings will need to go unsatisfied. When Craig meets Wren, he senses a kindred spirit and it makes him wish he could spend some time getting to know her better.

Jack knows that Craig is feeling vaguely unsatisfied, but he is at a loss as to how to fix it. When Jack realizes that the financial consultant that he hired is the mysterious Wren that Craig met, he decides that establishing a friendship between all of them might help settle the disquiet Craig feels. What Jack does not expect is to come to see Wren in a romantic light and for Craig to feel the same way. What can they do about this without ruining the friendship they have with Wren or the relationship between them imploding?

Wren has resigned to a life alone. Most people, never mind most men, can’t get past her scars or her physical impairment, so she has given up on exploring a romantic relationship. But when Wren begins her friendship with Jack and Craig she doesn’t feel the need to hide because there is none of the tension she feels around heterosexual men; Jack and Craig accept her as she is, without comment. As their friendship progresses Wren finds herself fantasizing about being with both men, but that is all it will ever be. Right? Why would two gay men be attracted to her?

Tea for Three is an amazingly erotic love story. Both Jack and Craig are embodiments of dream men; they are passionate about each other, while remaining Alpha men. Wren is a picture of a woman most of us could identify with at one time or another in our lives, with her insecurities firmly controlled in her professional life while permeating her personal life. The relationship between Jack, Craig and Wren is one of equals, where the love stretches to encompass all of them; the new relationship maintains the unique elements that you would expect in a gay relationship while incorporating the changes adding a woman to the mix brings. The passion between the characters is scorching and you can’t help but feel as part of it when you are reading and it grows at a pace that matches the closeness and the love that you experience through Jack, Craig and Wren. Anne Douglas created a wonderful ménage story that you can’t pass up if you like m/m/f romances. Tea for Three blended all the things that make a ménage story good; there was plenty of interaction between Jack and Craig by themselves mixed along with their moments with Wren. Tea for Three is an incredible read and I recommend that you add it to your collection today!

Reviewed by: Isabella


Reviewer: Kimberley Spinney
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Tea for Three is yet another excellent work by Anne Douglas. There is a wonderful depth of emotion that combines with the sensual to make this a must read. Her characters evoke emotion that will draw any reader in and keep them reading until the very last sentence.

Craig and Jack are in love with each other and have never needed anyone else in their life. But when Craig turns thirty he starts to feel like he may be missing something. He wants children and the white picket fence but he also wants Jack. Jack isn’t sure what Craig is feeling or why he isn’t enough anymore. When they meet Wren, with her charm, genuine sweetness, and the pain she can’t hide, they both realize they have found what they are looking for. Jack finally understands what Craig was searching for and has found with Wren. He wants it too. Now they have to find a way to get Wren to go along with them.

Tea for Three is a must read for anyone who is a lover of romance where the road to happily-ever-after is not easy. This is a perfect example of what love in the real world is like but with the extra sensuality and spice that makes it truly erotic. Anne Douglas is a master at her craft and a definite must read.

Coffeetime Romance:

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Rating: 5 cups

Jack and Craig are life partners. Jack knows something is bothering Craig. Craig wants it all, Jack, children, dog and maybe a cat. But how can that happen with Jack?

Enter Wren into the picture, a lovely woman who is in need of someone to love her. Could Wren be the solution to Craig’s dream, or will Jack not be willing to share?

Sometimes you cannot help but want more out of life even when you think you have it all, something or someone comes up and shows you just what you are missing. Tea For Three is just that. Jack, Craig and Wren try to make a go of being the perfect trio, equal in all ways, as friends, lovers, and partners. Can they make it last?

Anne Douglas created a masterpiece when she wrote Tea For Three. Two sexy guys with a woman made for them. Brilliant! Having a plus size woman in this story makes the book have a real-life feel. The sex is hot and demanding with just the right amount of passion to leave the reader wanting more. The reader can relate to the characters because they are not perfect, they make mistakes and feel uncertain at times. Tea For Three is a great way to spend the day. This book is definitely a keeper, readers should make time to have Tea For Three!!
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Two Lips Reviews

Tea for Three is a fabulous story by Anne Douglas. The relationship between Craig and Jack is strong and loving. Jack tries to accept Craig’s need for something more and when he meets Wren he has the same feelings for her as Craig. Both men understand that if they want a relationship with Wren she cannot be a secondary person to their relationship she must be given an equal emotional investment. I loved the way the relationship is allowed to grow and change between all three and the sex scenes in Tea for Three are some of the hottest ever! This is definitely a book that will make you need to change your panties while reading.

The Romance Studio
– nominated for a 2007 CAPA award

Craig is feeling restless, and he’s not sure why. He’s in love with Jack, and they’ve been living together quite happily for a while now. But something’s missing, and it seems to be bothering him more and more. Could he be missing the touch of a woman?

Jack knows that Craig is feeling restless, and he’s getting worried. He doesn’t want to loose him, but how can he help him if neither one of them know what they want?

Wren is resigned to being single. Her last stab at a relationship ended badly, and she’s not sure that she wants anything to do with men any more. When she meets her new clients, she’s surprised to find herself disappointed that they are a couple, and out of her reach. Or are they?

Oh my, the sparks were flying in this story. I loved how the author managed to bring these three together. It was a slow build up that helped you get to know the characters, how they thought, and what they are going through. None of them had experienced this kind of relationship, so mistakes where made and there was some hesitance, which made the story believable. I loved the interaction between the characters, and how they all had to come to realize that they were meant for each other. Watching the relationship grow was one of the things that kept me intrigued, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all three characters. If you like attention-grabbing characters and a story that feels like it really could happen, Tea For Three is a story that you won’t be able to put down. I certainly couldn’t!

Overall rating: 5 hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Julia
August 7, 2007

Paranormal Romance

a great relationship story

Craig had it good, he has a man he loves a lot. But since this year, his thirtieth birthday, he felt there was something still missing. What could that be? I mean him and Jack’s lives were great, the heat between them two was “Great”, you couldn’t ask for more. But he just knows there is something else, but doesn’t know what. When they meet Wren Browne, everything falls into place. What she makes him feel is different than what Jack makes him feel.

Jack has also noticed that Craig seems to be going through something, but doesn’t know what. He thinks maybe it has something to do with him turning thirty, but isn’t sure. The life they both share is good, they love each other, and he knows he couldn’t live without this man he loves. But when Jack and Craig meet Wren, everything falls into place. Could this woman be what they have needed? Or will she tear them apart? Can Craig and Jack tell each other what they are feeling for this woman, that she is the part that has been missing from their relationship?

Anne Douglas is one of my newest favorite authors. I read this book in one sitting. I loved the way the author wrote the relationship between the two men; to me it was written so sweetly. I could feel the attraction for Wren and that she was the missing piece in their lives. I can’t wait to read more by this author.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey

Love Romances and More

Jack Roseman and Craig Hunter love each other dearly. Turning thirty was nostalgic for Craig. He longs for a fuller life; a baby, family, a legacy to leave behind, but he doesn’t want to lose Jack.

Jack is bi-sexual but prefers men. More pointedly, he prefers the hot sex he shares with Craig. So when Craig longs for a family he has some soul searching to do. Can he share Craig with anyone else?

Wren Browne is a full-figured woman with scars from a terrible accident when she was a teenager. She longs for someone who can see past the scars to the beautiful woman inside.

When their paths cross the three wonder if they’ve found the solution they all longed for.

This reviewer really enjoys reading Ms. Douglas’ stories. She never beats around the bush when starting off the story. Her hero’s or heroines are BAM in your face from the first paragraph. No messing around for this author.

TEA FOR THREE was no different. Jack and Craig are getting hot and heavy from the get-go. This reviewer felt there was no denying the love and passion this couple felt for each other.

Ms. Douglas created a heroine who is broken on the inside and out, but that hasn’t stopped her from building a successful career. Wren Browne is strong in every aspect of her life, except when it comes to love.

A unique love story, TEA FOR THREE is full of incredible sex, lust and passion. This erotic story is highly recommended from this reviewer. Reviewer – Tina

Joyfully Reviewed
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Craig and Jack have been lovers and partners for years. When Craig turns thirty, he feels sort of an epiphany and is unsure what it means. Suddenly he finds himself wanting to experience the softness of a woman and the sound of children’s laughter. However, he doesn’t want to experience this if Jack is not okay with it and so they talk. When Jack assures Craig that he is up for Craig’s idea, they don’t know how to proceed but figure it will come to them. And it does — In the form of beautiful and soft Wren Browne.

Jack loves Craig more than his own life. Reassured that Craig still loves him, Jack agrees to Craig’s plan and to be honest, at times he would love to feel the touch of a woman also. Meeting Wren Browne rocks his world and he can’t wait to find out how everything is going to happen because if there is one thing he is certain about, it is what he feels for both Craig and Wren.

Wren Browne, scarred and often times overlooked, is lonely. Surrounded by friends, she sees couples fall in love and wishes for the same thing. Resigned to being alone she goes about her life making lists and doing her job as a consultant. Her consulting job helping Jack with his landscaping business allows her to make a new friend and Wren finds herself thinking about Jack in more than a friendly manner. Then, when she meets Craig and recognizes him as the man that was nice to her in a bar, she is happy to find two new friends. Dare she hope for more? What will happen when Wren’s feelings for the two men border on love instead of friendship?

I absolutely engulfed Tea for Three in one sitting. I could not put this book down. Steamy, sensuous, and completely captivating, I found myself immersed in a truly delightful love story that featured the kind of love only few ever find. Craig and Jack’s partnership and love was erotic and very much a partnership. Their love for Wren surpassed all of my expectations and made me yearn for what she was able to have with two completely magnificent men. Thumbs up on Tea for Three! It was great!

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