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Best friends and business partners Ian and Sanjay have shared pretty much everything since they were ten year olds at boarding school. Ian, the fun loving one, and Jay, the serious one, were like Yin and Yang—together dynamic, but apart, each felt something was missing. One day a spark of red catches their eyes. She is carefree and she openly enjoys herself while cooling off with the school age children in the fountain during her lunch hour. She captures both men’s attention so much that they sit and watch her and her bright colored clothes everyday at lunchtime. Who is this woman? What does she look like?

I really enjoyed this book the first AND second time I read it, each within 3 hours. Ms. Douglas wrote a fast-paced, detailed, emotionally and sexually charged book. There was definitely a flow! The sex—Oh Man! Could it get any hotter? The story was so detailed that you felt the heat that had everyone feel the need to cool off in the public fountain. You could feel the cooling and refreshing rain. Red Skirt, Cool Fountain told a story of love, friendship, sexual awareness, and acceptance. The characters were very well developed and you felt the connection immediately. Ian was the jump in feet first type; he always had a smile or a joke to share. Jay liked to be in charge and stood back to get a feel for the situation before he acted, whether in business or in bed. Sam was the glue that made them all stick. She knew what she wanted and she didn’t hesitate to make it known. Both men thought they would be the one doing the teaching but Sam had something to teach them both. There were no weak characters in this book and everyone made a definite impression on me. Ian and Jay’s pleasure came from pleasing their partner. How sexy is that? I enjoyed reading about Sam because she was intuitive enough to know how special the connection between her and the men were. The characters all seemed to bring out and magnify the trait that the other person thought they didn’t have. For Jay, his smile, laughter, and the ability to relax, while Ian needed to feel grounded. Likewise, Sam thought she wanted to explore her life but the guys showed her a part of her life that she had never thought to explore. Ian and Jay had flaws but when you put them together, you have the perfect male. I recommend this book as one that you will keep close at hand for the moments that you need to whet your appetite and feel it is deserving of a Gold Star Award. — Signey E. Scott

Romantic Times – 3 stars

Douglas delivers a tale of lust and love, taking readers on an erotic journey of self-discovery. Although this is an enjoyable read if you’re up for something different, the characters do not fully connect, and lust, not love. There are some M/M and M/F/M scenes.-Janean Sparks

Two Lips Reviews: 5 Lips

Ian Morris and Sanjay Chandra have been friends since they roomed together in boarding school, but they have stayed friends because they complement each other perfectly. Where Ian is a lighthearted and impulsive man, Sanjay is serious and plans everything; each man makes the other better for their friendship – acting as a balance for each other.

Throughout the years Ian and Sanjay have enjoyed sharing a woman, with each getting something from the experience that they couldn’t get on their own. When they encounter a woman who seems to be full of sensuality and love of life, both Ian and Sanjay know that the experience with this woman will be different – but will they be able to handle the changes in their relationship?

Sam approaches life without any plan, just enjoying every day to the fullest extent possible. When she is approached by a pair of men while playing in a fountain with some children, Sam can immediately feel the passion these men feel for her and responds in kind. From a chance meeting to a real relationship, Ian, Sanjay and Sam need to come to grips with their secret passions and how this three-way relationship will change them all…

Anne Douglas has written an extremely sensual story full of characters who are flawed enough to be real, while building a beautifully erotic romantic tale. Red Skirt, Cool Fountain is an incredibly erotic and emotional story that highlights how finding that “perfect” someone is more about finding someone who complements perfectly without needing to be perfect.

Ian is a fun-loving man who succeeds while having fun and approaches everything in life with a sunny attitude. Meanwhile, Sanjay is the brooder and thinker who succeeds by effort and drive, leaving very little if any energy left for the enjoyment of life’s successes. Sam, on the other hand, seems to be much more like Ian in her approach to life, but as she is revealed through her interactions with the men, she is shown to be a perceptive woman who is not as impulsive as she seems.

When Ian, Sanjay and Sam come together they will set you on fire as they steam up the pages – especially when Sam becomes the catalyst for the men to acknowledge their feelings for one another. Anne Douglas has outdone herself in writing Red Skirt, Cool Fountain by creating characters who will turn you on as they melt your heart! Red Skirt, Cool Fountain is a must-have for every ménage lover’s library, and Anne Douglas should be added to the list of authors to watch! – Bella

Literary Nymphs4 Nymphs

Two men each represent the flipsides of the same coin. Sanjay “Jay” Chandra is dark and brooding. He has always been the voyeur of the pair. Cold and aloof from a childhood focused on making him the supreme business man, Jay’s family was too cold-hearted to give their hearts. Ian Morris is the lighthearted Casanova. He is cynical and jaded by his family’s wastrel ways. Ian’s family was too self-centered to give the love he needed. These two friends were thrown together as roommates in boarding school. Both recognizing what the other was missing, they learned to give what was needed. Ian got them in trouble while Jay always got them out of it. Over the years, Jay and Ian have shared more than their lucrative business, they’ve also shared women. And after many years and many conquests the men have grown tired of the one night stands. Jan and Ian have decided that it’s time to find a woman who can offer more than momentary sated bliss.
From Jay’s fifth floor office window, the two friends spot Sam from sitting at a fountain in a bright spark of red Bohemian skirt. Sam is everything the duo is not – from her carefree ways to her easy smile. The live-life-to-the-fullest attitude and the way she carries sunshine around in a bag is enough to bring Jay and Ian to their knees. The duo decided they must have her. And as the two spend time with Sam, they soon discover hidden feelings for one another; feelings that have been pushed away for fear of harming a friendship neither wants to lose. To gain the relationship they all need, Jay and Ian must confront their feelings and form a true marriage of three.

Red Skirt, Cool Fountain is a wonderful story. Anne’s description of the fountains location pulls you in and allows you to see where the threesome first met. I found myself wanting to take off my shoes to play with the children and enjoy the sweet spray of the water on that blistering summer day.
Red Skirt, Cool Fountain is filled with varying degrees of first loves. Sam’s first love for not one but two men, then Jan and Ian’s hidden love for each other. The development of the characters love and trust wasn’t a rushed event. You could see the underlying care taken to ensure each person’s well being. The intimate acts between Sam, Jay and Ian are clearly different from the opening scene. They are filled more with passion instead of lust, love instead of need. Each stroke touch and caress has a purpose to fulfill, even on a not so subconscious level.
This was the first book by Anne Douglas that I have had the pleasure of reading and I look forward to reading many more. I have no doubts that people who enjoy the genre will enjoy Red Skirt, Cool Fountain. Both newcomers, as well as fans, are in store for a treat.

Ecata-Sensual – 3.5 Stars

Anne Douglas has truly produced a very unique and interesting novel. The idea of basically falling if not in love but at least in lust with a woman just because she is carefree and vibrant is fascinating. The characters lend themselves to a fabulous erotic journey from the very start. Just a visual of a woman that is intriguing has the men wanting her and in wanting her it changes them in integral ways, making them rethink who they are as individuals.

Sanjay and Ian are virtually the same person only one is the light half and the other the more serious side. Sanjay is the staid business man, raised to be a business man. Ian is the more open man, raised in a family of people who weren’t exactly loving but very happy and exuberant. They share women and it brings them closer. When they see a young woman at the fountain outside their office, they each find they are instantly attracted to her beauty and the pleasure she seems to derive from the the fountain. Sam is everything they are not. She is bubbly and vibrant and full of life. When Ian and Sanjay walk into her life, she finds herself drawn to them. When these three individuals embark upon a relationship it will change them in ways they never expected.

Red Skirt, Cool Fountain is a very unique romance. The story itself is very sensual and the basic idea is truly interesting but at times the characters do not live up to their potential. There is so many ways these three could have connected or ways they could have reacted that would have made it a better story. In the end the story is just worth reading for the simple pleasure derived from reading about love and passion that is life altering. This is definitely a novel to be read and an author to be enjoyed no matter what she writes.

TRSBlue – 5 hearts

Sanjay (Jay) Chandra and Ian Morris have been best friends since college. They are opposites. Jay is a dark, calm voyeur while Ian is blond, extroverted, and sexually active. They opened their own company and share everything-including women. Due to their different, but difficult upbringings, Jay and Ian have soul deep troubles. Sam is wearing a red dress and splashing in a nearby fountain when they notice her. A soulful singer, Ian and Jay encourage Sam to have sex with them. Sam perceives needs that the men are not aware of. Can she help them see what they truly want out of life?

Red Skirt, Cool Fountain was an amazing story. I found myself almost in tears as I read it. Sam was a lovable, charming woman, who could not quite believe that these two men really wanted to have sex with her. Ian and Jay were fascinating in different ways — they were two sides of the same coin. The three had sexual encounters that were beautifully erotic and very graphic. I recommend Red Skirt, Cool Fountain for readers who love menage stories. I thought that it was perfectly written. The plot was one of the best I’ve read recently. There were very few secondary characters who were kept mostly in the background. Ms. Douglas is a magnificent author and she has provided us with another terrific story.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit


…RED SKIRT, COOL FOUNTAIN may be an interesting title for a story, but it is actually perfect because of what Sam is wearing the first time she is noticed by Ian and Sanjay and how they are first introduced to her. I found Sanjay and Ian’s friendship to be very special and also very real. These two men are very close and there is no jealousy between them, especially when Sam, the woman of their dreams, enters the picture.

Anne Douglas has written a very nice yet sexy romance between the two friends and the woman that makes their bond even stronger. Sanjay and Ian are total opposites of each other, but still they are so in tune. I also liked Sanjay’s sister Mila who is the voice of reason and understanding when it comes to these two men and their needs. If you like an emotional yet erotic and unconventional love story, I recommend RED SKIRT, COOL FOUNTAIN. You may find yourself looking for your own fountain to cool off in after you finish reading.

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