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With the elves about to strike and the reindeer up to new games, Simon is willing to try anything to help Nick get the North Pole under control, even help find a Mrs. Claus. Surprisingly, he receives plenty of applicants for the job. Beatrice Raymond stands out from the pack, but does Simon want her for himself or for Nick?

This is pure romantic fun. Ms. Douglas does a wonderful job making this story come alive with all the novelty, characters, and antics of the North Pole. She does it with such humor and candor that it never strays into a clichéd holiday story. Santa’s helpers lend authenticity to the setting and fun to the story while still staying distinctly in the background. The relationship between Nick, Simon, and Bea takes center stage. These three are realistic characters readers can’t help but like. Even as Simon and Bea are drawn to each other, they don’t want to hurt Nick. Yet their attraction to each other is unmistakable and culminates in passionate, heartfelt love scenes. The erotic connection between Simon and Bea is well written and I love the balance between passion and caring. The ending has this reader hoping another trip to the North Pole is not far away.

RRT Erotic

A small town in Canada and the North Pole – Present Day

When Simon Witte, an elf, is given the task of finding the potential Mrs. Claus for his best friend, Nick (the new Santa, the position is an inherited one), he’s frustrated in his search until he finds Bea Raymond. She’s perfect for the job of Mrs. Claus and, as per the agreement between Nick and Simon, if Nick feels that certain chemistry with Bea, he’ll court her. The only problem is, Bea is even more perfect for another position, Simon’s soul mate. When Bea looks at Simon she can’t picture herself with Nick, nice as he is, and Simon’s eyes positively glow when he looks at Bea. But what will Nick think about the sparks flying between his best friend and his potential wife?

Trust me, after reading this story you’ll never look at Santa or his elves the same way again. Talk about a merry Christmas! I’d suggest you buy yourself at least one present this year, a copy of POSITION VACANT.

Lori Ann – 12//29/06

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Reviewer: Marcy Arbitman
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O

Beatrice (Bea) Raymond has had it. Growing up as the daughter of the town whore was bad enough, now that she is twenty-five men want her to take after her mother. Not sure how she can leave her small town, but sure that she wants to do so, Bea sees a help wanted ad that says, “jolly man in red needs a capable helper; call 800 NTH POLE.” Santa needs a helper and Bea wants to be that helper! Nick’s best friend Simon hires her (with the option that she might become Mrs. Claus.)

This book was marvelous! I laughed throughout, except for the times that I was panting at the sex! Poor Nick, he has a problem with the Elfin Union Rep, a gay reindeer, dwarves and others who need someone to run the operation. He needs a wife. Big beautiful Bea would be terrific for the job of Mrs. Claus except for her love for Simon, the head elf and Nick’s best friend. Simon even believes that Bea is the mysterious “heart mate” about whom his mother told him. Simon and Bea don’t want to tell Nick that they have been “cheating” on him, until Nick goes to Bea’s hometown to surprise her and what a surprise he brings! Glorious erotic sex, difficult employees and wonderfully written dialog, I couldn’t want anything more in a holiday book. Ms. Douglas continues to be one of my new favorite authors.

Reviewer: Tallyn Porter
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat Level: H

Anne Douglas has crafted a delightfully, sensual, emotionally intense and romantic Christmas tale about a woman whose difficult past changes when she answers a “Help Wanted” ad. Beatrice is a tough cookie who wants to escape and build a new life elsewhere while Simon is a very efficient and loyal right hand man to Santa Claus. Bea and Simon’s attraction for each other is unexpected which makes for an interesting story considering Bea is hired as the assistant with the potential to be Mrs. Claus. The more Bea and Simon fight the inevitable the more they are drawn to each other. The sex scenes are quite intimate and sensual enough that cozying up to a partner is recommended. I really enjoyed Ms. Douglas’ version of the North Pole community, which has a modern yet traditional feel to it; from hummers and helicopters to same sex reindeers and even an Elfin Union rep. I especially liked how Santa and Simon are described as quite the hotties opposed to the jolly, rounded belly St. Nick and vertically challenged elves personas. I can definitely warm up to the idea of a six packed Santa every Christmas season! Position Vacant is a charming short story full of humor, passion, romance and naughtiness to heat up the Holiday season.

Coffetime Romance

Rating: 4 Cups

Simon is an elfin; an assistant to Nick Klauson, who is Santa Claus. Simon’s latest assignment is to find a Mrs. Santa for Nick. Simon loves life at the North Pole. Working side by side with Santa, the elves, and reindeer, life could not be better. After conducting interviews with the applicants, Simon thinks he has found the perfect candidate.

Beatrice wants to get out of her hometown. Her mother was a hooker, and Bea spent life growing up listening to snide remarks. When she sees the want ad for the Mrs. Santa position, she thinks this is the perfect solution to start her life over. And going to the North Pole will get her out of her town.

When Simon and Bea start working together, their attraction is instant. Simon knows he must fight this attraction since Nick has plans to woo Bea. Simon and Nick have been best friends since childhood, and he does not want to harm their friendship. However, the more Simon and Bea come into contact, the harder it is to deny their feelings. They share a very passionate night and Simon realizes that Bea could be his “heart-mate”. His mother once told him that elfin eyes glow when they find their “heart-mate”; the one who will share their soul. They have no idea how to tell Nick of their intense feelings for each other without hurting him.

Ms. Douglas has written the ultimate holiday fantasy story. The chemistry between Simon and Bea is explosive. This story will have you feeling you are at Santa’s Workshop. It will get you in a very festive mood. And even though the setting is the North Pole, you will not have to worry about being cold, as the sex is very hot. You will warm up quickly.

Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer For Karen Find Out About New Books

Rites of Romance Reviews

Quite well written even if parts seem a little rushed. All in all a nice little feel good story.

Sensual Reads Book Reviews

Position Vacant had some surprising twists and it defiantly was not your regular Christmas story. It is a holiday tale with a kink, heartache, discovery, happiness, and love. Anne Douglas knows how to give you everything in story. A remarkable storyline with all the emotions needed to make a perfect story. I would recommend you pick up a copy for yourself if you are interested in a delicious little holiday treat.

Two Lips Reviews
5 kisses

Position: Vacant is a thoroughly delightful tale that I highly recommend reading. Not only is it absolutely unique, it’s fast-paced, humorous, and sexy. Anne Douglas penned the perfect adult version of the North Pole that’ll enjoy from beginning to end. Not only were the love scenes scorching, they were also beautifully poignant. My mind soaked up every delicious facet of this story, wishing it had been longer! Position: Vacant is a holiday treat that should be on everyone’s Wish List because it is a definite must-read that you don’t want to miss. Ms. Douglas included a couple of drink recipes at the end that’ll leave you toasty throughout the holiday season and well into the New Year!

Joyfully Reviewed

Wanting to escape her hometown where everyone knows her as a whore’s daughter, Beatrice Raymond answers a want ad for a strange job…it almost sounds like the job would be at the North Pole. Regardless of what the job is, when Bea meets her interviewer, Simon Witte, not to mention Nick Klauson, the real Santa Claus, she’s overwhelmed! When Simon explains that job advancement includes the possibility of becoming Mrs. Claus, Bea doesn’t know what to think. She’s attracted to Simon and regardless of how it might jeopardize the best thing that’s happened to her in a long time, she’s going after what she wants.

Simon knows Nick needs a Mrs. Claus, but when he suggested hiring a potential wife, he never expected her to turn out to be his “heart-mate”. He decides to deny his feelings and give Nick a fighting chance, regardless of how much it hurts. But he never counted on Bea and her determination. Will his need for her come between him, his best friend and the job he was born for?

What a fantastic story! Anne Douglas easily captures your attention right from the beginning with the not very well thought out plot to find Nick a wife. These two men go about things in a completely crazy way and set the stage for love and mishap. I especially enjoyed the fact that although it is painful for her, Bea finally learns more about her past and she finds a place where she fits in at the North Pole. Position: Vacant is a story about elves and Santa that you’ll want to read whether it’s Christmastime or not.

My Book Cravings
— 4 flowers

This unusual and light-hearted Christmas story is filled with fun, sexual chemistry and hot sex, so if you’re looking for a traditional holiday tale, then this twisted and kinky one isn’t for you. But if you like stories with unexpected and surprising slants to old favorites, then you will love this well written offering by Anne Douglas as much as I did. This is one Christmas story I intend to enjoy during more than one holiday season. — Pam

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