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Ecatasensual – 4 stars

Anne Douglas has an amazing way with words…

Par Three by Anne Douglas is a wonderful story of romance in the later stages of a marriage. When life gets in the way, we sometimes forget what matters the most and Par Three delves into these issues. Anne Douglas is a truly gifted writer with a way with words that leaves the reader breathless. This is an amazingly special novel and should definitely be read many, many times.

After twenty five years of marriage, Emma is starting to think her husband Aaron is no longer happy with her. Their children are gone and Aaron is never home. She misses the closeness they used to share. They never have sex anymore and Emma is worried her husband has found another woman. Aaron thinks his wonderfully, sexy and beautifully curvy wife is considering an affair. They haven’t had sex in months and it is starting to effect everything, even his golf game. Their friend Silas is finally finding his feet after the death of his wife Joan. When Silas asks Aaron what’s wrong, he never expects the answer he hears. In an effort to help, Silas tells Aaron about the swinging he and his wife had enjoyed. What happens next is a surprisingly passionate interlude that will bring back these two lovers to the passion that has been missing in their life.

Anne Douglas has an amazing way with words. Her writing is always strong and emotionally captivating. This is just another example of an amazing novel. Without a doubt this is a must own, must read novel for anyone in love or looking for a fulfilling romance that touches the heart as much as the emotions.

Romance Junkies 4 Stars

Emma and Aaron Howell have been married for over twenty years. Their children are grown and now that they are out of the house, Emma was hoping for a bit more intimacy from her husband. Aaron has always been a workaholic, but since their children flew the coop he seems to work more instead of less. He is gone so much that Emma is beginning to think he is having an affair. She doesn’t know how to approach Aaron with her thoughts but when he is late for a party he asked her to plan, Emma is unable to contain her anger any longer.

Aaron knows he works too much. He also knows that in order to continue to keep up the lifestyle to which Emma is accustomed, he has no choice. In addition, the concept of delegating is foreign to him. Other things are wrong as well – Aaron sees that. Emma has been drifting away from him and he thinks she is having an affair. He sees the way she looks at other men, especially one of their neighbors. Enough is enough when at a barbeque Emma is seen with the man in question and Aaron can’t help but let his feelings known.

Emma and Aaron come clean with their wants and needs. They know their marriage is not as young and as bright as it used to be. Yes, they both think it could use a bit of intense magic. That’s where Silas comes in.

Like so many marriages, Emma and Aaron’s had become overrun with duties and work and children. They never took time for themselves and they almost lost the two most important people in their marriage – themselves. I found Aaron’s solution to their sexual dilemma extreme, yet very sensuous. Emma’s love for Aaron was unconditional and her handling of Silas was sexy to say the least. I love how they were able to bring their marriage back from the brink of almost splitting up to becoming the marriage of which they’d always dreamed.

HUSBANDS AND WIVES 1: PAR THREE released from Loose Id on February 12, 2008 . I found the ménage and love story refreshing and well written. I cheered Aaron and Emma on from the sidelines and wasn’t disappointed. Anne Douglas continues to be on my “authors to buy” radar and I look forward to every new book she releases. — By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

Fallen Angels Reviews – 4 angels

Ms. Douglas’ latest novel, Husbands and Wives 1: Par 3, has hit a hole in one. This story of a long married couple reconnecting and stoking the fire that they thought long gone was an erotic heart warmer. Emma, a full-figured mother of two, has finally come to terms with the fact that she wasn’t going to lose the baby weight she gained from having her children twenty years ago. His friends usually thought Aaron was the quiet type but his wife knew he was the boss in their bed. Silas, their friend, is ready to get back in the saddle after mourning the death of his wife fourteen months earlier. I adored this story because it reminded me that the little things that you do in the beginning of your relationship with your significant other should not be overlooked and taken for granted. We all need to be reminded of what gave you that quick fluttering deep down whenever your significant other looked at you “that way”. This story will have you wanting to find and experience that feeling again.

This story was very erotic. It contained mild bondage, ménage (M/F/M), voyeurism, anal play, spanking, and masturbation.

Reviewed by: Shira


Reviewer: Marcy Arbitman
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O

Emma and Aaron Howell have been married for twenty wonderful sexy years. Their children are grown and gone…but their sex lives have gotten stale. Golfing with his friend, Silas Worth, who is trying to recover after losing his beloved wife to cancer, Aaron confides in Silas. He thinks that his beautiful wife is having an affair! Silas has a confession himself; he and his wife were swingers! Will Aaron and Emma be able to work out their sexual problems?

Par 3 is Ms. Douglas’s first entry in her new series. A wonderful and loving novella, I had great pleasure in reading it. Emma was distraught about Aaron and he was concerned about her. They had amazing and erotic sex…make sure that you have a partner or a toy available because you will need it. Silas was an additional primary character who helped Emma and Aaron with their issues. His sexual activities were equally amazing. I do suggest that readers who object to mild BDSM not read Par 3. Emma was my favorite character; she was a wonderful, loving woman who had always known that she and Aaron needed the intimacy that they seemed to have lost. Aaron and Silas were very true to life-men who didn’t understand women! The plot was perfectly written as were all Ms. Douglas’s books. Why are you here? Go buy this story!

TRS Blue 4.5 hearts

Aaron and Emma have a problem. After twenty years of marriage, their life has become a series of problems. The kids are gone, Aaron works long hours, and Emma feels the midlife insecurites all women go through. The closeness is gone, the intimacy is a thing of the past, and there isn’t any sex. She wants what their friends have. At cross purposes, each thinks the other is having an affair.

Enter Silas, a close family friend and Aaron’s golfing partner who lost his wife to breast cancer. Although he is not ready to date, Silas still misses the intimacy of a woman.

Aaron wants Emma to realize she’s everything to him. With a suggestion from Silas, who dabbled in the swinging scene, an idea is born. Two problems solved among three friends. Now to convince Emma that her naughty whisperings in the middle of the night are about to come true.

The friendship and love between these three people make the emotional journey a delightful treat to read. The book spends a lot of time building the reader up to the actual night of the menage. An insight into each character and how they have reached this time is wonderful. The sex is understated yet intense and throughout it Emma and Aaron always maintain their connection with each other. This is a true treasure to read and shouldn’t be missed. – Reviewer: Shannon Nale

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