His Intimate Submission

His Intimate Submission Cover

His Intimate Submission Cover

His Intimate Submission
ISBN: 978141992547

Months ago, on a hot Florida night, three friends explored one another. It’d been good enough that they’d explored together some more.

But while the sex is as amazing as ever between the couple, Jason’s shutting Lucy out of the everyday things. He’s searching. Lucy doesn’t know what Jason is seeking, but she’s scared that might mean leaving her behind. It’s time for her to pull up her big girl panties and figure out what’s wrong before things go really bad.

Jason surprises her—he’s not cheating and he’s not about to leave her, but he has an overwhelming desire he’s worried to admit. Lucy will have to demand her lover’s intimate submission to set them back on the path to happiness.

Reader Advisory: Contains a scene of male/male sexual interaction, ménage elements, and some veryerotic female domination! This is the continuation of Jason and Lucy’s story, which started in Curious Intimacies. While this book can be read as a stand-alone, do you really want to miss the events that led them here?


She was a woman on the edge.

The empty glass Lucy Harker had been staring into for the last few minutes made a hollow clink on the floor as she discarded it with little thought. The book that was supposed to be a distraction landed beside it with a thump—not even her favorite author had the ability to make her forget these worries. And Lucy wasn’t just anxious, she was damn scared as she imagined the relationship she’d thought was “The One” possibly foundering.

It was October now, four months after she’d nudged Jason toward their best friend Shane with the idea of a ménage to help Jason with his newly realized attraction to men. They’d all been satisfied with the results of their sexual explorations that night, not a single pretension had been harbored toward the other with regard to their relationships—it was sex, damn hot, amazing sex that let them all explore each other’s bodies. They’d played again over the long months of summer, enjoying one another immensely, but for the last few weeks Jason had closed off from her, both verbally and emotionally, even while being as sexually open as he’d ever been. Frantically so, even.

A confrontation was coming and Lucy had no clue why. Every time she made a move to talk with him about it, he managed to fend her off or just downright avoid the issue.

Lucy had enjoyed having Shane there with them—even knowing his preference was for men. She’d never asked for more than he was willing to give and she thought even he was surprised at how much he’d enjoyed their interaction. Seeing Jason and Shane together—Jason enjoying his fantasies safely—was exquisite. Maybe it was just because it was Jason and Shane, but she’d never thought to enjoy two men touching—fucking—one another. She’d never thought to enjoy watching, period. Men fucked so differently than a man and a woman—the veneer of gentleness wasn’t just cracked, it was literally blown away. Manlove could be so much more rough and tumble. And how absolutely sexually delicious was that?

Jason had appeared happy at the start, and even now, when in the moment, he appeared satisfied. It was when they returned home that things would get strange. Jason would become almost frenzied with the need to assert himself as her lover again. His efforts to simultaneously please her and demand from her were conflicted—but she didn’t know why. Lucy loved him with everything she was, her heart would be shattered if he left. She was sure he felt the same, yet every day he felt a small step further away from her. Fading.

Shane was easier to read. She’d seen right from the beginning that Shane’s sneaky looks, and now his preference for watching, was rooted in something more simple. Yearning. He wanted what they had—not with them, but like them. He saw the commitment, that need to be with the other, the desire, and wanted it for his own. Lucy couldn’t blame him—though she wanted to warn him that with the kind of connection she and Jason shared, when something went wrong it felt like your world was tearing in two.

Keys rattled against the front door before it opened then closed and footsteps came down the hallway. Lucy waited for Jason to come around the corner, eager to see him after a long day apart, despite all her uneasiness. Being home late was an occupational hazard—Jason managed the local boutique grocery store and he was the type of manager that dug in and helped the staff when things got busy. And judging by the tiredness in his voice during his earlier phone call, today had been super busy.

Ambushing Jason after such a long day was wrong, but she’d hung over the canyon, waiting for the gust that would topple her in for long enough. They needed to sort some things out tonight—or at least make a start.

“You’re still up.” Not a question, a statement.

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you.”

“Oh.” Jason paused for a moment and just looked at her. His resignation was visible as his shoulders slumped and he tugged at his tie. “All right then.”

Lucy waited as he tucked his tie into his jacket pocket and tucked his briefcase away alongside the side table. The man looked knackered. “Jase? Go shower first, honey, I know you want to.”

Slow feet made their way back down the hallway and she heard the click of the bedroom door before she moved. The bedroom was supposed to be a place of relaxation and safety and she hated taking this conversation there, but tonight it seemed it was the venue.

Since she’d already secured the rest of the house, Lucy double-checked the backdoor locks and followed Jason to the bedroom. The echoes of water droplets splashing on the tile shower floor drew her to the bathroom. Steam from the super hot spray Jason favored billowed out, washing over her, warm and sticky, when she opened the door.

Slipping off her clothes, they fell to the ground with barely a whisper before she slid into the shower behind Jason. He stood, hands against the wall with his head hanging down between them, tension radiating from his hunched shoulders as they strained, the muscles taut as he held himself rigid.


“Yeah?” Sound in the shower stall was unusually clear, despite the water running, and she heard his barely there whisper clearly.

“What’s wrong? You’ve been distant these last weeks—since the last time we were with Shane—and I don’t know why.”

She took the grunt Jason made as an affirmative reply. He shivered when she reached out and ran her hand down the muscular length of his back. As she swept down and over his backside, he seemed to make an involuntary movement that thrust his ass back into her hand. The man had the most delicious ass, hell, the whole lot of him was sexy. Not as rough and tumble looking as Shane was with his physical outdoor job, Jason still filled out his business shirt and tie rather nicely. He had the ‘might be a bad boy’ thing go with his slightly too-long shaggy hair, and strong jaw.

“Why are you so angry, Jase?” Lucy stepped closer, her chest against Jason’s back, only separated by the drops of water racing down their skin. “Have I upset you somehow? Did something happen with Shane you didn’t like…or maybe liked too much?”

“It’s not Shane and it’s not you, not really.” Jason’s voice contradicted the anger his body radiated. Hoarse, rough pain colored his words, tinting them with agony.

“I don’t understand.”

“It’s me, okay. It’s me, and…shit.” Jason turned around and Lucy saw the conflict, the confusion in his eyes. “You really want to know?”

“Not knowing isn’t an option for me, Jason, tell me.”

Instead of answering her, Jason sank to his knees, his eyes closed against the spray bouncing off her skin. He reached out blindly, his hands snaking their way around her hips before he jerked her forward, seeking her clit with his mouth. He suckled her briefly, then released, using his tongue instead to circle, then to dip and dive into her pussy.

It was pure avoidance, but she crumbled in the face of the pleasure his tongue gave her. Jason did this to her every time. Never had she not gone up in flames at his touch—she suspected that even when they were old and gray they would have this effect on one another.

Jason pulled back, water running in rivulets down his shaggy dark hair and across his upturned face, twisting and turning as the tiny streams changed paths over and over again. His took her hand in his and placed it on his head, forcing her hand closed so it clenched around his hair, pulling at the strands.

“Tell me what you want me to do, make me do it. Use me, fuck me.” Jason sounded desperate, pleading and Lucy found the clarity she’d been seeking in his words. This was it. This was the heart of the matter. Nowhere near as direct as this plea, not quite so desperate, but this desire for her to lead, to give him orders or instructions to obey, was what he’d been trying to ask for.


He wanted her to dominate him. Not a question, but the answer.

Lucy pressed her fist tighter, pulling at the wet strands of Jason’s hair. “You want me to tell you what to do, Jason.” She made it a statement. “You want me to use you for my pleasure, use your body as I see fit…to finally put that dildo into the harness and fuck you properly.” The greater potential of their steadily increasing play with more extreme toys now expanded in her mind and this time she crudely, baldy demanded, “Do you want me to cane you, punish you? Maybe you want me to fist you, Jason?”

A visible shiver ran across Jason’s skin as she spoke and a thrill of power ran through Lucy at the prospect of what he asked. His body quaked and his penis, standing at attention, jerked, his hand dropping from her hip to fist around his cock, his knuckles tight as his fist squeezed. He was desperate not to come.

She’d never been shy, never afraid to ask for—to take—what she wanted from a man, but this request from Jason was a definite sharp turn in their relationship. Fear came rushing along behind the thrill of power. But even then it felt right. Felt right to take what Jason begged her for, offered to her freely—the privilege of mastering him.

Did she have the skills to do this? History said no, but the present said yes. Greatly experienced she might not be with these sorts of games, but she had nothing if not good sense and enough love for Jason to be able to call a halt if she felt they were about to go too far. After all, I’ve done it before. But the toll…

She reached behind Jason and flicked the shower off. Looking down, Lucy studied her kneeling lover a moment. Jason looked plain beat…horny…but looking like his world was about to go up in smoke. His eyes opened with the sharp tug she gave his hair. His eyes were almost empty as her gaze caught his.

She gave her first order, “Stand up. Slowly—you’re tired and it’s hot in here.” Her head swam from the heat and tension, so for Jason, down on his knees, tired from a long day and emotionally overwrought by his admission it would be worse.

Lucy released her fingers and Jason slowly stood. She took his hand and led him from the shower stall, leaving him naked and dripping on the bath mat. Lucy took the large, slightly scratchy towels they liked and began a slow, easy process of drying Jason up.

It was oddly satisfying to be Jason’s caretaker. He wasn’t the sort you’d think would stand for it, not with the solid, I’ll-fix-it presence he radiated. She didn’t feel the least motherly completing the task,instead, she felt a sense of pride at the vulnerable strength her lover allowed himself to show. All the while Jason kept his head bent, his breathing hitched and off kilter.

When she finished and stepped away, Jason looked up, questioning. “Shall I dry you now?” His eyes were full of trepidation, so cautious.


Disappointment shone through the cautiousness and Jason ducked his head again.

“Before we go any further, we need to talk properly. I think I understand what you’re asking of me, but we need to be clear and know exactly what the other wants, feels. Right now you’re tired.” Lucy moved closer, reaching up to cup Jason’s cheek, tilting his chin back up before letting her fingers whisper over the skin, trail down his neck and along his shoulder. “I need a little time to assimilate too. We’ll talk in the morning.”

Jason gave a small nod and moved past her, padding his way into the bedroom. Quickly drying herself she followed—with her short hair she was lucky: no need to blow dry.

Jason sat on the edge of the bed, waiting. He looked distracted and when she came up beside him he focused on the here and now again. “Do I disgust you?”

“What?” Her voice went up, animated by her shock.

“It’s not a very manly thing to ask, is it? To ask you girlfriend to make you submit to her.” His angry self-denigration collapsed into despair and Jason hung his head again.

“Jason?” He continued to look down. She made her question a command. “Look at me, Jason.”

His head lifted and the pain she saw in his eyes punched her in the gut. Her lover was torn in two, lost.

“I don’t think we’re strictly by the rules people when it comes to our sex life. What we decide to do in our bedroom is up to us and only us.” Lucy leaned over and brushed her lips over Jason’s. “This is heavy stuff and we’re both tired, and since neither of us has to work tomorrow let’s sleep on it and talk in the morning.”

Her lips pressed harder, and Jason welcomed her kiss, using his hands on her hips to pull her between his legs. Her hands cradled either side of his face, possessive, as she pulled her lips away so she could whisper along his mouth. “I love you, Jason Talbot. All your kinky requirements included. I don’t think anyone or anything could convince me otherwise.”

Jason’s body relaxed against her. His tense muscles went soft again, his hyperventilated breathing evening out until it was just irregular from their passionate kiss.

“Up and into bed, mister.” Jason stood and turned around, bent over and reached for the cover, and just as he pulled it back, Lucy laid a full handed slap on the tight, rounded bubble of his right butt cheek. A satisfying, resounding crack sounded out and Jason jumped. But when he turned, rubbing his ass with a rueful look on his face he laughed at her.

It was a stupid little game they played—who was quick enough to get a slap in when the perfect curve of ass was exposed—one of those ‘just between’ us things that sent them to bed with a smile on their faces.

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