Curious Intimacies Reviews

Mrs Giggles – 86/100 (Do click and read the whole review, it’s quite a laugh!)

Yes, this is a happy ménage à trois short story, but it has an erotica bent to it. Which is to say, Ms Douglas is not trying too hard to turn this into a romance. In this case, she doesn’t create forced situations to force her three characters into bed. No “We must protect her!” or “It is destined that she is both our lifemates!” stuff here. Instead, this one is all about sheer unadulterated pleasure for the sake of pleasure. And what do you know, I find the whole thing pretty romantic, heh.

The dynamics of the three people are also not what you’d typically find in a more typical threesome story. Lucy has her turn behind the wheel, giving orders and what not. In fact, I’d say that Ms Douglas comes this close to breaking the “No Domme, please!” rule of Ellora’s Cave with her portrayal of Lucy. The sexuality of the three characters are pretty fluid here, which I feel when it comes to erotica is the best way to go if you have to go, heh.

Erotic, unforced, and just going with the flow, Curious Intimacies is all about the lighter and enjoyable side of kinky sex. The characters are adorable and they clearly like each other. They also enjoy what they do with each other, and as a result, this is a fun erotic story to read. If you are tired of all those tedious threesome stories bogged down by weird plots or neurotic characters and are looking for a story that just wants to get down and dirty without making any apologies, this one may be what you are looking for.

EcataSensual– 4.5 Stars – Reviewer Keely S

Curious Intimacies by Anne Douglas is a hot little number chock full of comedic moments sure to leave you laughing and gasping. “Short, decadent and to the point” best describe this one. Jason and Shane are delicious, boy next door types that feel like I have known them for ever. Lucy is one of those heroines that feels like she could be my best friend. Ms. Douglas does a superb job of creating multi-dimensional characters with a minimal amount of words spent on description and background. Curious Intimacies jumps right into the meat of the story with no apologies and stellar results.

I must warn all the readers out there, do not read this one while drinking as you may just spew the contents of your mouth all over your computer or electronic reading device. In other words, I laughed so much that my sides hurt. Then again, you may want to have a tall pitcher of something icy cold setting at your elbow to maintain your core body temperature as you read the love scenes. Smoking hot does not even begin to describe them.

Erotic Escapades – 4 tattoos – Reviewer Megan

Scorching heat and emotional exploration mark Curious Intimacies as a book you won’t soon forget. Lucy is a strong confidant woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to manipulate the men around her to get it.
Jason is sweet, wanting noting more than to make his lover happy and comfortable, the stretching of his limits is absolutely spellbinding. Shane is a gay man who has never been with a woman so I wasn’t sure this was going to work for him, but once Shane decided to go ahead with this he eagerly followed directions it lead to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. The heat the three generate make light of volcanic eruptions as physical restrictions are dropped and instinct takes over. With it being quite obvious that Shane will never be fully part of Jason and Lucy’s relationship I hope Ms. Douglas soon finds Shane a hero of his own.

Dark Angel Reviews – 4 pixies

What a fabulous creation full of passion, uncertainty, love and friendship. Ms. Douglas quickly drew me into the storyline and had me falling in love with all three characters immediately.

I was a little worried when I first read the blurb to this one, but it’s such a creative take on first time m/m action and ménage that I was left breathless and enthralled with the poignancy of each of the characters. Jason has never been with a man so he’s worried that he’ll hurt his best friend’s feelings if he doesn’t like what happens. Shane is thrown for a loop since it’s his first time with a woman and Lucy…well Lucy is a vixen. She just knew everything would work out for the best. And boy did it!

CURIOUS INTIMACIES blew my mind with the sexual heat found in the pages. Some of the best I’ve ever read, that’s for sure. It’s not just about the sex though; there is such a sweet undertone between the friends. And Lucy goes out of her way to give her man something she is unable to give him herself.

CURIOUS INTIMACIES is definitely a scrumptious feast I think all fans of erotic ménage will love. I can’t wait to read more from this wickedly talented author very soon!

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