Curious Intimacies

Curious Intimacies
ISBN: 9781419918032

Line: Exotica Book Length: Quickie


Ready for a night of sports and beer Shane’s straight best friend, Jason, throws Shane a curve ball with the words “Kiss me”. Shane’s gay, but Jason’s not…right?

Jason’s got a problem. His girlfriend’s got a strap-on, and she’s not afraid to use it…on him…and he likes it. Where does that leave him? Straight? Gay? Or in between?

Lucy’s not afraid of sexual experimentation in a safe situation. Who’s safer than your best friend—especially when he’s already curious about your sometimes not-so-private love life.

On a hot, humid Floridian night, friends find being curious can be very intimate indeed.

Reader Advisory: Contains scorching-hot scenes of male/male sexual adventures and an incredibly spicy ménage!


“Kiss me.”

Shane whipped around so fast from where he stood at the kitchen bench that he slipped on the tile floor and landed hard on his ass. His short trip left him sitting on the floor feeling bewildered. Looking up at his best friend—his moderately tall, dark-haired, handsome and very straight best friend—Shane was damn near close to hyperventilating. “What did you say?” He really must have been tuned out. Shane would swear he had just heard Jason ask to be kissed—by him. Shane.

“Kiss me.” Jason shrugged and reached out a hand, easily pulling Shane upright with one tug. “Actually I want you to do more than just kiss me, but I thought a kiss would be a good place to start.”

Shane opened his mouth to question Jason again but couldn’t decide on what to say, so shut it again with a snap. He took a seat at the kitchen table then attempted to at least make some sort of noise in reply to Jason’s question. But his mouth flailed and gaped instead of making actual words.

“Nice fish impression, Shane.” Jason wore his best shit-eating grin. “Wow… I think this is the first time I’ve ever managed to render you speechless.”

“Well, you smug bastard, it’s not every day your straight best friend comes up to you and asks you to pucker up. What the hell’s up with that?” The question was followed up with Shane’s signature sarcastically cocked brow, but dropped back with concern as his friend collapsed back on himself a little with a sigh.

“Okay, here’s the deal…” Jason’s voice drifted off a little, and Shane silently watched as Jason tried to work his way around whatever it was he was trying to say. “You’ve always been up front with me that you’re gay—and I don’t care one way or the other if you’re gay, straight or like to get it on with purple dinosaurs—but lately I’ve been having second thoughts on the strictly straight deal.”

“Are you trying to tell me you’re gay?” Shane didn’t believe him for a moment—curious maybe, but gay? No way.

“No…maybe a little bi though.” Shane got caught up in Jason’s eyes as his look pleaded with him to understand, as if Shane might think he was a freak.

“A little bisexual? I hate to tell you this, Jase, but you either like to get your groove on with guys as well as girls, or you don’t.”

Jason frowned at this statement. “I know that, you idiot, why do you think I wanted you to kiss me?” He rubbed at the frown with his fingertips, but the confusion was still there when he looked up again. “I need to know if a guy does it for me or not.”

Shane stood up then turned back to the bench to clean up the mess he’d made—he needed some space to think for a minute. “Okay, spit it out, Jason. I feel like I’ve walked into a conversation halfway through—what’s the deal?”

The heavy sigh from behind him spoke volumes about how twisted up Jason felt, even if he had been joking around a moment before. “All right, can we grab a beer and sit on the couch? This might take a while.”

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