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Reviewer: LT Blue
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: H

After one night of finally hanging out with her friend Shaun, Pearl Gordon’s life will never be the same. It is bad enough that she doesn’t remember the name or face of her one-night stand but she awoke to a serenade of dogs at her window. Pearl decides to follow Shaun’s advice by seeking out Dr. Dixon for her newly acquired problem with dogs. Dr. Rex Dixon, a rare Were-bear veterinarian, has come to enjoy the single life. He has no plans to mate and produce off-spring since he believes he is the last of his kind. He didn’t account for the most potent aroma that demanded his attention. Pearl doesn’t understand why this crazy man was suddenly man-handling her or why she feels the need to jump him at the first opportunity.

Accidentally Were?, is a great story filled with humor. Pearl and Rex are two people coming together as a couple under the strangest of circumstances. Ms. Douglas provided excellent characters with Pearl and Rex- such opposites with a very real sexual attraction. I enjoyed Pearl with her Miss Priss ways and her constant struggle following the guidelines set by her mother and what she felt was right in the end. Rex was everything that I expect in my Were males to be. He was full of confidence and alpha to the end. The sex between Rex and Pearl was very hot like setting off fireworks. Even though the sex occurred during the first few hours of their meeting, it didn’t appear forced or faked. The secondary characters were a nice bonus to the story. The storyline was very well written with nice surprises towards the end. Accidentally Were? is now a part of my favorite Were reads. I was sad to see the story end.

The Romance Studio – 5 hearts

Accidentally Were? was a funny, erotic and fascinating book. It has everything that I look for in a great book-love, sex, humor, sex and adventure. Pearl (Miss Priss) and Rex (Mr. Proudly Plaid) were extremely well-written character who could easily have been my neighbors-if Weres existed. Ms. Douglas had a wonderful grasp on her craft and allowed me to suspend disbelief. Rex had planned to be a bachelor, but as soon as he and Pearl first made love, I knew that he was doomed. I strongly suggest that you have a toy or a partner when you read this book — you will need one. I would have loved to have been there and watched them. There were secondary characters who fit into the plot and helped move it along. I could not stop reading from the moment that I started. Enjoyable does not begin to describe Accidentally Were? Ms. Douglas is one of my newest favorite authors. Relatively new, she has an amazing voice. More, please, Ms. Douglas!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Marcy Arbitman
December 21, 2007

Fallen Angel Reviews – 4 Angels

Pearl Gordon is as prim and proper as they get, Miss Manners has nothing on Pearl. When she finally succumbs to peer pressure and has a night out on the town with some friends, her entire world is rocked when she wakes up alone in the morning covered in hickeys with strange bite marks. To make matters worse the dogs in the neighborhood have all suddenly fallen deeply in love with her and won’t leave her alone.

Rex Dixon is a veterinarian who is also trained as a general practitioner, a huge bear of a man, in more ways than one. When Pearl’s best friend sends her to him to try and figure out what made the bite marks the fur really flies. As soon as Pearl enters the office the animals go crazy, and Rex realizes he’s got a major dilemma on his hands.

This is a very enjoyable, fast paced story. It was quite fun to watch how Pearl handled her accidental infection with the were virus and all the other curves that followed in her life after that. Pearl was really intriguing as she seemed so uptight, and it was enjoyable to discover what all she hid beneath that ice queen exterior. Rex was just one hot alpha male of a man, very sexy and all the bumbling that he made just added to his sexiness. This was the first book that I’ve ever read by Anne Douglas but it won’t be the last. I loved the wry humor that she infused the story with and enjoyed the deft turn of phrase. This story left me with a feeling of satisfaction when I finished and a craving for more of Rex and Pearl. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Reviewed by: Hayley

Coffeetime Romance Rating: 4 Cups

Pearl Gordon seems uptight and cold to the world, until the night her friends convince her to go and let loose. She gets loose all right and ends up on her first and only one-night-stand, only to wake up alone with some very suspicious hickeys.

Rex Dixon is a doctor, a veterinarian, and a Werebear. He is busy enough until a Were in heat shows up in his waiting room and drives all of his patients and the doctor himself crazy.

One crazy night leaves a very conservative woman a Were in heat, and the person she runs to for help runs away with her to his remote cabin and makes her his mate. Now she has to deal with a world that she never knew existed, a whirlwind relationship, and a pregnancy.

Pearl is wonderfully uptight and has no idea how to deal with her wild night. Her friend Shaun tries to be helpful, even if she was responsible for Pearl’s predicament. Rex is a responsible member of the community both general and Were, but he is overcome by his instincts when Pearl enters his waiting room. I enjoyed reading about the development of their relationship and Pearl’s introduction to Were society. She finds out a lot about some people she thought she knew well. The author weaves this all into a story that I could not stop reading. All of her characters are very vivid and real and the story line is great. Humor and a hot love story make this a story that I will read again and hopefully a sequel is coming.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Rockville – Present day

When Pearl Gordon, affectionately nicknamed Miss Priss by her friends, finally decides to let her hair down and have some fun, the results aren’t pretty. Waking up to an empty bed, a string of love bites with actual teeth marks, and the local hounds singing a chorus, isn’t the usual way one wakes up from a one-night-stand. Well, Pearl assumes it isn’t anyway, and it isn’t as if she’s ever done such a crazy thing before. Hoping for answers, she consults her best friend Shaun, a fan of all things weird and wacky. Shaun directs Pearl to her neighbor, Rex Dixon, the local vet and, incidentally, a trained human doctor as well.

Rex Dixon, Were-bear and Alpha male, can’t believe the nerve of the little bitch he finds in his waiting room. Prissy attitude or not, Pearl ought to know better than to traipse through town while she’s in heat. Taking her to his cabin is for her own good, it has absolutely nothing to do with his bear side making it clear she’s his mate. Then it becomes clear that Pearl doesn’t even know she’s a Were, how’d he get so lucky as to end up with the task of informing Pearl about her new status in life?

And then comes their mating (hey, you knew that had to be coming, didn’t you?). Can a modern day Goldilocks bait a bear and come out the winner? All I can say is that this story makes for some very interesting bedtime reading.

Pearl is not dowdy, cold and aloof, she just seems that way because it takes her a while to get to know people and warm up to them. After all, she was raised by a mother who insisted on the very highest standards of behavior and decorum. But now all of those characteristics are falling by the wayside as Pearl finds herself with very dominant Were instincts that are demanding all sorts of things, like more time in bed with her mate, that males understand their places in life, and most of all, that Rex needs to acknowledge that she’s claimed him, not the other way around. There’ll be no more of this male posturing around this Miss Priss. Oh poor Rex, he so enjoyed his bachelor state. Okay, so that’s not entirely true, he just never thought he’d meet his perfect mate. But now that he has he’s going through all sorts of emotions, joy, lust, and of course, fear. After all, he and Pearl don’t really know each other, will she be willing to stay with him, raise some cubs, return his love? ‘Cause whether he is ready or not, Rex has to admit that he’s fallen hard for this sassy woman.

Anne Douglas has written a tale filled with interesting characters, including the secondary ones. There’s Pearl’s best friend, the Goth chick who is going to be head over heels when she finds out her belief in the paranormal is at least somewhat justified; the Grande Dame, an Elder in Rockville’s cross species pack, she can kick an Alpha’s butt from here to kingdom come and still maintain her ladylike composure; Rex’s best friend and the head of the pack, Rob. He gets just a little too much pleasure in seeing his friend brought low by a female. The there’s one of Pearl’s few childhood friends, Dave, the owner of the greasy spoon and Jacob, Rob’s younger cousin (he’s a bit of a drama queen, but he’s young, I’m sure he’ll get over it). And lest I forget Pearl’s family, her father, Judge Gordon, and her Aunt Lydia (not by blood, by love); both of them have some decided opinions when they discover Pearl and Rex are an item. Oh, and of course I must mention Vlad the Impaler (not the original, this one’s a dog) once a stray, he now lives with Pearl and he’s a very protective sort once he claims something, or someone, as his.

Spiced with plenty of hot sex, laugh out loud humor, and characters readers are bound to love, ACCIDENTALLY WERE? is a surefire hit. Don’t miss Anne Douglas’s latest, stop by Loose Id and get your copy today.

Lori Ann

Joyfully Reviewed – Recommended Read! Reviewed by Jo

Accidentally Were? is a fast-paced and extremely lighthearted story on the outcome of Pearl’s one night-stand. Pearl is both very prim and proper, but she also has a fun-loving and sexy part of herself she keeps hidden from most people. Rex believes himself to be the only were-bear left, or at least one of very, very few, and has resigned himself to never have a mate and cubs. I thought the matching of Rex and Pearl was perfect in that they are so different from each other and yet meshed in the best ways. I tried several times to put down Accidentally Were? and do some work that needed to be done, but the map-capped adventures, the swift twists and turns of the plot, and the great humor would not let me put it down until I turned the last page. I loved Accidentally Were? and highly recommend it to not only paranormal lovers, but also to anyone who enjoys a bit of great humor with their romance. Like I previously said – highly recommend, so for me it just has to be Joyfully Recommended Read.

Literary Nymphs 5 Nymphs

Accidentally Were? is the best version of the snowball effect I have ever read. I couldn’t stop laughing from the conversations and the visuals that Douglas created. She took me on a more scenic route than I expected and that is always a plus. Rex is too potent to go on without a mate and I was glad to see his days of loneliness end abruptly. This couple not only made the best of a strange situation, they made it memorable.

My Book Cravings – recommended read!

Accidentally Were? By Anne Douglas is a charming, fast paced and well plotted story filled with very likable characters, witty dialogue and enough unexpected twists to keep the reader guessing from beginning to end. The fast and intense relationship between Pearl and Rex is sexy, humorous and so well written that you can almost imagine this story happening in real life…well almost. The secondary characters that help balance this tale, and provide much of the interesting background information are equally well written and seamlessly placed within the context of the story. Once I started reading this one I couldn’t put it down, but raced to the end. Ms. Douglas has given her readers another great read and I look forward to the next. Again Ms. Douglas good job! – Pam

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