Tough stuff this balancing act

Coming down sick has really screwed over this weeks plans 🙁 So much for uber organised Anne this week.

One thought on “Tough stuff this balancing act”

  1. Ah…someone else bothered by this. Thank goodness. With as many women I know who had disastrous first husbands…abusive, died, abandoned, whatever…and found love later, why can the movie business not accept this as valid? Worse, movies like LIAR, LIAR make it seem the first husband (no matter how much a scumbag) will always have a better relationship with his kids than the upstanding man in mom’s life later. Because someone else just can’t understand the kid, no matter how much he tries to. Oy!

    Personally, I have second husbands who work, in my books. Most of the first husbands died…mugged, traffic accidents, war, whatever… But even when I write a lowlife first man in her life, he doesn’t ever become more. Let’s face it…few men ever become better than what they once were. That’s the exception, not the rule, in my experience.


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