2010-graphicYes, 2010 is right here on the doorstep, knocking insistently to be let in.

Would it be rude to tell it to bugger off because I’ve gotten exactly one, yes 1 thing of the ten on my list done this year? Hmm,  maybe I should be welcoming it with open arms because, yes, I think 2009 can go on the ‘oh, that year? it was forgettable’ list.

So. Tweeps have been doing this ‘Word for 2010’ thing. This year my word is PullyourheadouttayourarseandDOIT!

That’s not one word? I beg to differ. Productivity.

And she says with great zeal: I WILL be productive this year!

Feel free to publicly flay me if by March there isn’t a new SOLD post on this blog.

Interview & Tidbits

Come over to Lynn Crain’s blog to find out more about me, and about His Intimate Submission

The first review for HIS from BookBinge:

“Douglas is very effective at building the foundation of mutual respect and desire between Lucy and Jason. It’s clear in how carefully Lucy researches the lifestyle that she really cares about Jason and wants the experience to be fulfilling for him.”

“…the story features very hot sexual encounters between a couple who are both likeable and clearly seem to care deeply for each other”

And from @girrlitsbooks on twitter: ‘Loved it! Want another story with them! ‘ & ‘loved the characters and the learning IYKWIM’ & ‘It worked for this reader’

And Bookbinge on Curious Intimacies:

‘Anne Douglas has a strong imagination, and while this novella is only 44 pages, it’s well written. Douglas does a nice job of giving the reader enough information about Shane’s friendship with Jason, as well as laying the foundation of Lucy and Jason’s relationship, so that the encounter is plausible.’

Available today! His Intimate Submission

Months ago, on a hot Florida night, three friends explored one another. It’d been good enough that they’d explored together some more.
But while the sex is as amazing as ever between the couple, Jason’s shutting Lucy out of the everyday things. He’s searching. Lucy doesn’t know what Jason is seeking, but she’s scared that might mean leaving her behind. It’s time for her to pull up her big girl panties and figure out what’s wrong before things go really bad.
Jason surprises her—he’s not cheating and he’s not about to leave her, but he has an overwhelming desire he’s worried to admit. Lucy will have to demand her lover’s intimate submission to set them back on the path to happiness.

Reader Advisory: Contains a little male/male action, ménage elements, and some veryerotic female domination. (And, um…did we mention the enema scene? Hey, don’t knock it ’til you’ve read it.) This is the continuation of Jason and Lucy’s story, which started in Curious Intimacies. While this book can be read as a stand-alone, do you really want to miss the events that led them here?

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