So I said I’d twitter my experience of being a Reader at the eBook Author signing, Wednesday night at Romantic Times. If you were on twitter and following the #rt09 hash tag you got to read all about it in real time, but for those of you not twittering here’s the transcript of my tweets sent.

# ROAD TRIP!!!! #rt09 ( it does class as a roadtrip if I’m going solo, right?)

# 305 miles to Miami wooooo

# I4 now. Orlando is now closer than farther

# Orlando us having a beautiful day! Ikea here I come (for returns)

# @Winidapuh well I was waiting for the locals to chime in with ‘you’re going the wrong way!!

# Eerk opened door, tis hot out!!

# Arrived earlier than I thought I might l. Damn. Now what do I do until 4.30? #rt09

# Did I just see @SmartBitches wearing pink in the parking lot? #rt09 oh the first ‘star’ sighting.

# Going to go park myself in the foyer and figure out where the ebook author signing is and star search.. #rt09

# @angelajames LOL I was the crazy lady in the orange Element going where she shouldn’t @SmartBitches

# @angelajames smuggle me in behind the scenes… I can fake it #rt09

# Well there are lots of parking spaces here… Where ever here is. So hopefully I have found a space where I should be. We’ll see. #rt09

# @SirTristam stuff and things, that’s what ebook authors sign #rt09

# Think I went in the wrong door. Many people wearing tags, but I think I might have hit the right room for the signing.. #rt09

# Wonder if I can just hang here and wait? #rt09

# Promo alley looks interesting, lots of goodies from all sorts of authors #rt09

# Oohhh the Mr Romance photo section!!! Big cluster of men, 1 woman in the middle feeling the whoa!! #rt09

# If I sit just here I wonder who I might see? I’m just outside club rt by the look and my fingers itch to go do some looksies #rt09

# It’s a very eclectic group of people walking by. Well dressed, very casually dressed, some a little bit themed (corsets and the like) #rt09

# Romance readers make up every level of society, don’t they. #rt09

# Leather cowboy hats and denim! #rt09

# Oooh was that a tag with Brashear on it that just walked past with a metric tonne of swag? #rt09

# @katiebabs blue shirts and denim look for the photos. Saw some skin … Only it was in the form of sunburned slighty pudgy late teens

# @avidbookreader I was just wondering if I can photograph promo alley #rt09

# Samhain swag walking past!!! #rt09 I will go attempt to photo…

# Beth williamson swag #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3sdwu

# Useful swag- highlighters and lighters kc sehlhorst? #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3se45

# @linneasinclair swag #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3se7f

# Sally mckenzie swag #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3sebf

# Authors filing in for signing I think #rt09

# Samhain swag #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3seo3

# @jane_l I will obtain a jane photo for the tweeples! #rt09 l

# ARe interview station #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3seym

# Lacy Savage sighting #rt09

# So is the ebook expo just a wander in thing? I figured it would be like sat morn and be $5 entry?

# Oooh Piers Anthony is who the older gent is!!! Nice! #rt09

# Dakota Cassidy sighted! #rt09

# 4.45 and nothing open yet. What’s the hold up?? #rt09

# Ooh something kinky with the download codes #rt09

# La banks and kwitney behind the crush #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3shdl

# authors authors everwhere! #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3shvw

# From the back #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3si3o

# Samantha Kane!! #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3sih5

# @tinagerow here she is signing!! #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3sih5

# @rainonroof I gushed and asked how she liked Tpigs latest piece on her work! #rt09 (re Sam Kane)

# Shayla Black #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3sj1w

# Deidre knight #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3sj7x

# Many many ec authors. Very many! The ec cover flats look lovely, very professional. #rt09

# I wonder if I can find Treva of LI? I have reports she is around. #rt09

# @TinaBurns running LSB table #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3sjvw

# Said hello to Ralene Gorlinsky of EC. She was kind enough to give me the ec author gift even tho I’m not attending #rt09

# Found Barb Perfetti and Lori James and thanked them muchly for involving me in the @stanza promo #rt09

# Samhain bags #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3sl6r

# Ah hah! An @jane_l in the wild! http://twitpic.com/3slb7

# And a @SmartBitches too #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3sle3

# Feeling kind of stalkery at the moment. But said hi to @SmartBitches Sarah. Nice to see her in person! #rt09

# Still no Treva. oh well can’t win them all.

# Chrissy Brashear was kind enough to try point her put to me though.

# Loreli James goodies #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3smg2

# Oh crap. The room goes dark then light then dark. Everyone is oohing and ahhing. It’s me leaning on the damn switch for the whole room #rt09

# EC party room for tonight #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3snoj

# Dare I sneak peek?? EC party #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3snrw

# Party room not a good pic I’m afraid #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3snzj

# @jane_l LOL you had your head in your phone twittering. Nice dress FYI!

# @jane_l plus I wasn’t signing but being a reader going squeeeeeee!!

# Bye bye #rt09 it was nice seeing you.

# Con center seemed nice (what I saw of It past the carlot I’m sittin in). Big and orange like most of Florida #rt09 http://twitpic.com/3souc

# @LorelieBrown seriously! Right? I hate those ‘snigger someones leaning on the switch SHIT!! It’s ME’ moments’ I guess I left my mark! #rt09

# Don’t think I saw many Samhain authors, but it was kinda a sea of EC so I prob missed some. A few Siren. A handful of LI #rt09

# @angelajames I’m envious… Will be food on road for me the party is over *sniff* #rt09

# LSb, Ec, Samhain, Redrose, total ebound, & tease publisher tables. No Loose Id, Sony, kindle or Ravenous Romance (I don’t think) #rt09

# Ack was hoping I’d miss rush hour but I’m not πŸ™

# Just realised who else was missing Phaze. Saw them through the door at club rt but not at ebook fair… Wonder why? #rt09

# One couple there marketing kindle covers. #rt09 not sure if they had Sony reader covers or not… *cough* Mine are nicer though *cough*

# Bugger! Wrong St Augustine turn off which means going wrong direction for gas. Doh!

# Well. Home from #rt09 ebook signing. This has been one long arsed day. I think I twittered my fingers off. Hope it amused the tweeples…

# @laceysavage It was a walk by before the signing started. I’m never quite sure if I should act like a crazed fan and stop people or not πŸ™‚

# @avidbookreader I wore my fingers to the bone! I think I need a new protector sheet for my phone, I wore this one out! πŸ™‚

# Got to investigate bags this am. Door bag had 2 manga bks & I got 1other full bk. I want to say Tease pub ? (it’s not in my hand) #rt09

# Scored myself a ‘I’m a naked reader’ button on the way out (@sallymackenzie) now to find perfect venue to wear it! πŸ™‚ #rt09

Romantic Times eBook expo/fair

As it turned out despite proximity, this year was not to be my year to get to the Romantic Times convention. I think there’s more than a few authors and readers finding cons not quite so easy to get to this year…but that’s how the cookie crumbles at times.

But, I have convinced hubster to work from home for Wednesday afternoon so I can skip down to Orlando (okay, really it’s a 2.5 hr drive each way…yes, I live to torture my currently crotchety hip) so I can go to Wednesday afternoon’s eBook expo/suthor signing event… as a reader πŸ™‚

So I’ll be there – momentarily – autograph book in hand with my name splashed on my back. So if you see me, please feel free to say hi!


The White Room

There’s a blog I watch via Google reader that serves up some deliciousness when it comes to decorating/crafting and things possibly a little kitschy. I’ve been exposed to all sorts of little offbeat items through Holly Becker’s Decor8blog and watching the process of decorating her teensy little German flat on the Haus Maus was too fun. Her Etsy, Take 5 Tuesdays are definitely to watch. If you want a gift that just a little bit different than anything else, Etsy is the place to go shopping! Ohhh the goodies to explore. And I’m not just saying that because that’s where you’ll find Anne’s Addictions πŸ™‚

But, I have a problem. All these lovely designer rooms and accessories, all this neat furniture and floorings…they are in the majority white, white on white, white on white with a splash of colour, or beige (ish) at most.

Seriously, who can live like that? Well, besides the single, or partnered with OCD that is. Do any of these designers have kids? And if they do with these lovely white rooms, can they let me in on where they send their kids to school, cause I want me some of that.

I’m just not that neat. Though, damn it, I want to be. I want big windows, whitewashed walls that my artwork would stand stark from, or just waiting to be the perfect canvas to be accented with the palest seafoam green glassware I’ll get around to collecting just for my white house.

I find how dark the houses in Florida are quite depressing. (Would you believe I went to a show home in a new subdivision and as I was entering two different groups were complaining of how the house was too bright inside? ‘They didn’t even need to turn the lights on!’ – I loved it, of course! Just not let’s double our mortgage, like it.)

White is perfect, clean; a blank canvas waiting for something to happen, perhaps, but I have to wonder, given that white is such a blank page, do people find the white on white dΓ©cor relaxing? Can they function and find inspiration amongst a singular colour palette?

Maybe it is all those things; a blank canvas of space and openness like where the aliens take the good guys for study when they get sucked up by the mother ship. The sterile room for you to empty the your head space that’s been frantically filled with the detritus of lives lived too fast and too chocked full of everything as we move around in our day.

But then again, it might be a logistical nightmare of “All right, WHO put their feet on the couch, and ohmigawd, put their greasy little fingers all over my beautiful white walls!”. An OCD sufferers perfect trap.

Home of Kelly Rae Roberts, picture sourced via Decor8blog
The kind of bedroom I wish I had.
Home of Kelly Rae Roberts, picture sourced via Decor8blog

Being that I love colour (strange I know from a woman who wardrobe is mostly black and brown), would I wake up one day to find my lovely stark-white room is no longer, I’ve in fact filled it up with colour to a point where it’s just as busy as the rest of the world outside my door? And as I ponder that, I have to wonder what that says about me…

Alas, given the way my son tends to abuse the walls and doors, and serve himself up toast that he liberally coats in honey while he’s on the couch, I’ve got another 10 years before I can consider a white room all of my very own. Until then I think I’m just going to have to suffer with the clutter and mess and walls grimy with fingerprints interspersed with periods of perfection (heh, a bit like my mind, really).

Although… there is that toilet sitting there. A splash of white paint, a little shelf, a little vibrant blue glass bottle or two to go on the white shelf above my white commode, and a stunning piece of artwork on the opposite wall and I just might have my perfect room for relaxation…

My Apologies…

Sorry everyone on RSS feeds and watching this blog, there will be a whole heap of test posts in your reader.

Turns out that the pingfm widget I had been using was no longer working for some reason or another, so my posts weren’t going through to blogger. Hopefully I have it all working straight again πŸ™‚

I’m also trying to get my twittertools widget working again too (possibly a conflict with the now lost widget)…especially since that’s where I’ve been chatting rather than blogging. I know bd author, right. Sorry about that.