2008 versus 2009

Since it seems to be the in thing, lets do a run down:

Released in 2008:

  • Red Skirt, Cool Fountain
  • Husbands and Wives: Par 3
  • Curious Intimacies
  • Witch Vamp Were?
  • All Boxed Up
  • Started producing Anne’s Addictions Sony eReader covers
  • had the majority of my back list with LI listed with Fictionwise and ARe

Contracted for 2009:

  • err… nothing. Oops.

Planned for 2008, but somehow procrastinated my way around actually doing anything more than outlining them, so are going to have to become my planned for 2009 list:

  • Men for Sale trio of stories
  • Subtle Domination (follow on for Curious Intimacies)
  • Huntingdawn 3 and 4
  • more Anne’s Addiction eReader covers
  • find myself a new single column template or figure out how to fix this one, because this formatting HAS to go!


Better get my arse into gear then, hadn’t I.


Well, not quite yet. But this mornings big fry up of left overs from the Christmas Eve party was definitely filling!

For those of you Christianity inclined, I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and for those of you who just like to celebrate friends and family and receive give gifts, I hope your enjoying it too!

Merry Christmas!

All Boxed Up, available now!

All Boxed Up

Genre: Full-figured Heroine Erotic Contemporary
Length: Holiday Kisses

Christmas Eve is not supposed to be celebrated naked, tied up, and locked in a dark cardboard box. But that’s exactly where Aimee Small finds herself. Has she been kidnapped by some strange Christmas themed psycho-killer, fascinated with the owner of the local Christmas shop? Or is it something else entirely?

Joseph Christopher was not expecting to come home and find a huge-ass box in his foyer — especially one that makes noises. When he lifts up the lid, he finds that Santa’s come early this year and left him a tasty gift indeed: Aimee, the girl he’s been crushing on all year. She’s naked, bar some red satin ribbon wrapped, candy cane-style, around her luscious body.

Oh, yeah! Some years it pays to end up on Santa’s naughty list…

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.

When Loose Id put out a call to their authors about a group of shorts for the holiday season this great little vignette of a woman trapped in a box and the man who finds her popped into my head. It was supposed to be my first real foray in a storyline with BDSM. After all a short story would be perfect for dipping my toe in the pool right?

I’ve always had this impression that BDSM storylines usually have to be pretty serious – sexy, but serious – due to the nature of the power play (big sweeping generalisation there, I know). So I sat down and wrote this kind of creepy first page or two expecting my hero to come along and ‘release’ my heroine from her literal and figurative box, and on the story would unfold.

Well, that was the plan.

My hero turned into a bit of a clumsy guy – a computer guy with a heart of gold who’s really crushing on the shy-with-guys, but outgoing heroine. Not at all the Alpha with a side of submissive I was going for.

Instead I got pratfalls, and loose dangling ribbons just perfect for tripping over, a computer geek out to show his crush he’s just what she needs, and a girl who finally shoves her shyness to the side to grab at what she wants, and sex, hot sex.

A hot sexy comedy. Not serious at all. Bugger.

Oh well, maybe next time!

Witch Vamp Were? – the first review

This little link popped up in my Google Alerts (love Google alerts!)


“Anne Douglas has done it again. Her story is super hot and spicy with the perfect blend of mystery and humor to keep the reader entertained and reading until the very last page. The eroticism is beautifully captured and the relationship between the three main characters is not only immensely funny but also emotionally charged. The characters are enchanting and the story a must read, five star treat.”

“Witch Vamp Were? is an absolutely magical read. It was super funny with equally hot sex and friction. This is the kind of book where you need a cold glass of water and a towel because while the sex will make you hot, the humor will have you spitting that water all over the place. This is definitely a must read novel by an extremely accomplished author. I can not wait for more of these fabulous shifter/vampire stories. This book is definitely a present any time of the year.”

5 Stars!

Reviewer: Kimberly Spinney

Can’t ask for better than that for the first review 🙂

Chatting today at Joyfully Reviewed

Authors of Erotic Romance are going to be chatting over at Joyfully Reviewed chatters loop today.

Please pop over and chat with us!

For those of you chatting with us today, I’m going to be running a contest for a parcel of Anne Douglas goodies (a book bag, a lunch cooler bag, some pens, and I might sneak some chocolate in there!). Comment on the thread JR thread @ annedouglas.com and tell me which excerpt was your favourite — that’s all you need to do. I’ll choose a winner after 6pm est tonight.


Free stuff…

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Dear Santa,

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