Weekend Contest

Loose Id Authors are chatting over at Beth Wylde’s yahoo group today, Friday, and tomorrow you will find us at The Romance Room’s loop.

Since it’s a double day of promo, I’m running a contest for a parcel of promo items: A six pack cooler and a book bag — and I’ll chuck in a couple of pens for good measure! 

A perfect set up to take your lunch and a good book to read while you eat!

All you need to do is join my mailing list this weekend some time before 5pm Sunday 31st of August.  (hit the link in the post, or the link on the top or bottom bar)

I’ll use the highly scientific ‘kiddo, choose a number between 1 and howevermany’ method to choose a winner 🙂


If, perchance, you’d emailed me in the last few days, and I’ve not yet replied, it’s because fumble fingers here gave her mail program some weird glitch that deleted every email she owned.

Somewhere in the ether there’s about 1000 emails just floating around doing, well, not a hell of a lot.

So, please drop me another email 🙂

Spoke too soon

 Duval county closed down the schools Wed/Thurs because of the possibility of TS Faye becoming a hurricane and hitting Jax full on. So much for the yay factor of the kids being back at school this week!

Of course it seems to have gone the opposite direction and is petering out. Not a bad thing all things considered, but a little way down the coast from us is getting drowned.

Here’s hoping the power stays on, I might go a little insane if I can’t charge my laptop!

Ahhh, the silence.

School’s back. Yaayy!

Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve got my act together and I’m on the hot tamale train of production, but I’m getting there 🙂

Next on the block is another erotica piece, the follow on from Curious Intimacies that is only a month away now — double yay!


(and yes, I watch So You think You Can Dance. Joshua so totally deserved to win. And that young man is fine!)

And now I wait

Swiiissshhhhh, and off it goes.

There’s nothing like the sound of an email, manuscript attached, winging it’s way to your editor.

Of course, now that it’s on it’s way, the worrying starts.

Or of course I could get on with the next story, right? It will be the sequel to Curious Intimacies if things work out right 🙂

I has a cover!

Curious Intimacies Tasty, no? Now I just have to stop obsessively checking the coming soon page to see if my name is in lights yet! Obsessive has become my middle name lately as I check numerous times a day Accidentally Were’s standings at Fictionwise (currently at #8) and All Romance eBooks (made it up to #2!)

Avail Sept 19th at Ellora’s Cave

Curious Intimacies

Ready for a night of sports and beer Shane’s straight best friend, Jason, throws Shane a curve ball with the words “Kiss me”. Shane’s gay, but Jason’s not…right?

Jason’s got a problem. His girlfriend’s got a strap-on, and she’s not afraid to use it…on him…and he likes it. Where does that leave him? Straight? Gay? Or in between?

Lucy’s not afraid of sexual experimentation in a safe situation. Who’s safer than your best friend—especially when he’s already curious about your sometimes not-so-private love life.

On a hot, humid Floridian night, friends find being curious can be very intimate indeed.