Tea for Three at Fictionwise and ARe

Tea for Three

2008 Eppie Award finalist Tea for Three is available now at Fictionwise and All Romance eBooks for those readers who prefer to buy their books from those venues.

I’ve been waiting, and waiting…and some more waiting to finally have a fuller length novella up at these two venues, so I did a bit of a butt wiggle in my chair when I saw these links 🙂

Now, I just need to figure out how to update the author bio at FW and just how I can update the listing to show it was an Eppie Finalist.

Is this the next big advance for eBook readers?

It’s not a high tech gadget company, it’s not a publisher, and it’s not a bookseller like Amazon. In fact it’s an initiative designed to bring computers/reading/schooling into the lives of third world countries that looks to be bringing the next step in eBook readers to those that really count–children.

The One Laptop Per Childs XO laptop is about to have an overhaul, and here is what they’re planning to do for $75.00:

Yes, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is a split screen laptop with a virtual keyboard no bigger than a trade size paperback.

And how does this relate to eBooks? Well, take a look at this next picture and you’ll see exactly how it relates:

Turn it on its end, open an eBook, and voila! Two screens that operate like the open face of a book.

And for $75.00, not only will I be buying one for me, but one for my son, and the corresponding amount of units for donation, and most likely a few more units for donation. At $75 (heck even the $188 as it stands for the current model) I’m not risking a lot to give so much.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, at $300+ for a Kindle, Sony and the Cybook that can’t compare utility wise…


Information gleened from :

laptop.org,Gizmo.com, and the BBC


A new look

It’s been a while since I got itchy fingers and redesigned my website. But a few days ago I started with a goal of making a ‘splash page’ as a static front page instead of the wordpress blog, and some sweary words and a very late night later, voilĂ !

Considering I did all of it myself I’m pretty pleased 🙂 (Seriously, I’m cheap if you need a new website designed!)

Of course, now that I have changed things around a bit, I’ve no excuse to get back to some writing… I’m so failing at the sweat70 challenge this time around… le sigh. Procrastination, thy name is Anne.