The first review for Par 3

Can I say “Aww shucks” without looking like a dork?

Fresh from ecatasensual:

4 Stars

Anne Douglas has an amazing way with words…
Par Three by Anne Douglas is a wonderful story of romance in the later stages of a marriage. When life gets in the way, we sometimes forget what matters the most and Par Three delves into these issues. Anne Douglas is a truly gifted writer with a way with words that leaves the reader breathless. This is an amazingly special novel and should definitely be read many, many times.

After twenty five years of marriage, Emma is starting to think her husband Aaron is no longer happy with her. Their children are gone and Aaron is never home. She misses the closeness they used to share. They never have sex anymore and Emma is worried her husband has found another woman. Aaron thinks his wonderfully, sexy and beautifully curvy wife is considering an affair. They haven’t had sex in months and it is starting to effect everything, even his golf game. Their friend Silas is finally finding his feet after the death of his wife Joan. When Silas asks Aaron what’s wrong, he never expects the answer he hears. In an effort to help, Silas tells Aaron about the swinging he and his wife had enjoyed. What happens next is a surprisingly passionate interlude that will bring back these two lovers to the passion that has been missing in their life.

Anne Douglas has an amazing way with words. Her writing is always strong and emotionally captivating. This is just another example of an amazing novel. Without a doubt this is a must own, must read novel for anyone in love or looking for a fulfilling romance that touches the heart as much as the emotions.

A Gold Star, recommended read from Just Erotic Romance Reviews!

Jerr Gold StarOh wow!

Issue #118 of JERR just landed in my inbox today, and I tried very hard not to skip through to see if they’d reviewed Red Skirt, but I got to about G and couldn’t help myself. A GOLD star review!! Hot damn, bay-be!

JERR don’t hand out too many gold stars, sometimes they will go months without one, other times there’ll be one or two for a few issues, but seriously they’re pretty rare!

Go here to read the whole thing.

To go with that, earlier in the week I found out Accidentally Were? was a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read.rr-pinkbutton.gif

And on Tuesday Husbands and Wives & Lovers: Par 3 releases. A busy, busy few days!

Seriously, this week started with a total punch to the gut (death of a good friend), followed by a series of highs, that on any other week would have had me higher than a kite and shouting everyone a beer. Instead, I’m going to feel quietly pleased to have done so well and be grateful for my health, success and the good friends I have to share it with, while remembering those who have passed on.