Interactive Blog Serial

The 22nd of October marks the start of my Interactive Blog Serial at my blogspot blog (hit the blog link on the right).

The aim is for you to give me ideas to work into the story, and for me to make it as interesting and sexy as I can. So please pop over and take a read, and feel free to leave me ideas, characters or plot twists to use in the comments section.

I’ll update with a name once I, or should I say you, figure out where the story’s going :).

A New Sale

Earlier this year I wrote a shorter story that, in the end, was really was just the beginning of something bigger. It took me a while but I got back to it a few months ago, worked over it during the Sweat70 challenge to get it expanded and finished, then my lovely editor at Loose Id raced her way through reading it and zapped me a contract on it! Yay!

Red Skirt, Cool Fountain will release with Loose Id early on in the year 2008.

On a totally different note, Joyfully Reviewed just posted a new review on my Christmas story from last year, Position: Vacant. Take a read here.