Take a ride on the Pink Chair …

Ages ago Celia Kyle invited me to be part of The Pink Chair Diaries.

Whats not to love about being given the challenge to write a story where this has to feature:

At the time my first thought was ‘Mother-in-law’. It took a while for me to get my act together though and figure out just what I wanted to write. Wild hen’s night – check; MIL walking in and finding a big, round, pink blow up chair with a dildo attached in the middle of the room — double check; but what else?

I figured it out this weekend, and posted The Morning After… today for your reading pleasure.


PS — you might be surprised who else took up the pink phallus challenge! Make sure to check out the other stories!

Nothing much new to report as of the moment. I’m sitting on my hands waiting for a few things to come back that will hopefully mean I’ve some good news to shout out.

I took on Alison Kent and Co’s 70 Days of Sweat Challenge, and as you can tell by the word count list on the side of my blog, I’m failing quite spectacularly! Blame it on Rhian — She reckons there’s a graphic artist inside me and has had me slaving away on some work for her. Next year I’m packing kiddo off to Summer Camp so I can get some work done — there’s only so much a mother can take when it comes to gamecube/computergame soundtracks and a little boy screaming at the top of his lungs in joy or despair (depending on who managed the beat down on whom).

There’s a few new reviews spread out amongst the pages. So far everyone’s been liking Tea for Three, and those of you that have dropped me a line, thank you! I love hearing from you!

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Tea for Three is a recommended read!

Going through my various loop emails this morning, I caught that Fallen Angel Reviews had new reviews up, so I toddled off to see if they had reviewed T43, and this was a rather nice surprise:

Jack and Craig are very happy and have a very satisfying relationship. However, as Craig turned thirty he started looking at his life and feeling that something is missing. He is still happy with Jack, but Craig misses the softness of being with a woman. Still, Craig won’t do anything to jeopardize his relationship with Jack, so his longings will need to go unsatisfied. When Craig meets Wren, he senses a kindred spirit and it makes him wish he could spend some time getting to know her better.

Jack knows that Craig is feeling vaguely unsatisfied, but he is at a loss as to how to fix it. When Jack realizes that the financial consultant that he hired is the mysterious Wren that Craig met, he decides that establishing a friendship between all of them might help settle the disquiet Craig feels. What Jack does not expect is to come to see Wren in a romantic light and for Craig to feel the same way. What can they do about this without ruining the friendship they have with Wren or the relationship between them imploding?

Wren has resigned to a life alone. Most people, never mind most men, can’t get past her scars or her physical impairment, so she has given up on exploring a romantic relationship. But when Wren begins her friendship with Jack and Craig she doesn’t feel the need to hide because there is none of the tension she feels around heterosexual men; Jack and Craig accept her as she is, without comment. As their friendship progresses Wren finds herself fantasizing about being with both men, but that is all it will ever be. Right? Why would two gay men be attracted to her?

Tea for Three is an amazingly erotic love story. Both Jack and Craig are embodiments of dream men; they are passionate about each other, while remaining Alpha men. Wren is a picture of a woman most of us could identify with at one time or another in our lives, with her insecurities firmly controlled in her professional life while permeating her personal life. The relationship between Jack, Craig and Wren is one of equals, where the love stretches to encompass all of them; the new relationship maintains the unique elements that you would expect in a gay relationship while incorporating the changes adding a woman to the mix brings. The passion between the characters is scorching and you can’t help but feel as part of it when you are reading and it grows at a pace that matches the closeness and the love that you experience through Jack, Craig and Wren. Anne Douglas created a wonderful ménage story that you can’t pass up if you like m/m/f romances. Tea for Three blended all the things that make a ménage story good; there was plenty of interaction between Jack and Craig by themselves mixed along with their moments with Wren. Tea for Three is an incredible read and I recommend that you add it to your collection today!

Reviewed by: Isabella

I’ve never had a recommended read anywhere before, so I’m feeling pretty impressed with myself right about now, ROFL!