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Tea for Three has it’s first review:

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Reviewer: Marcy Arbitman
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O

Craig and Jack live a happy, loving and sexually fulfilling life. Suddenly, Craig begins to feel uneasy; although he loves Jack dearly, Craig sometimes misses the touch of a woman. Jack knows that something is bothering Craig and begins to worry that he will lose the only person he has ever loved. Into their lives limps Wren. She was crippled by the drunk driving accident that killed her mother when she was fifteen. Wren is larger than usual and she knows that no man will ever love her. Is it possible for her to believe that two men could love her?

Tea For Three is a wonderful new novel by Anne Douglas. A relatively new author, Ms. Douglas has a wonderful grasp on her craft. Craig, Jack and Wren are real people with real life strengths and foibles; I easily felt that they could be neighbors of mine. The three of them were hard working people who were written to reflect the seriousness of loving relationships. Throughout the book, I felt attached to them, happy with and for them and sad when they were sad. The plot seamlessly flowed from beginning to end without a single bump in the path. Craig and Jack were interested in bringing Wren into their household as part of their family, with even the possibility of having children at some point. Wren was a virgin; Jack and Craig inducted her into a fabulous loving sex life with grace and extremely erotic behavior. This book is not for anyone who objects to specific m/f/m menage; the sex was unbelievably orgasmic. Ms. Douglas pulled me right into their bed; I was desperate for some sexual activity when I finished the book. I truly enjoyed Ms. Douglas’ Tea For Three!

And the winner of the Tea for Three Reader Competition is : Michelle Bauer. I’ll have your prize in the mail to you this week!

Loose Id’s June Bash

Following are the official times, location and rules of the June Bash. Please email for questions or clarifications.


The Loose Id Community on Yahoo Groups.
You must be a member of the group to participate.
Authors will be posting excerpts and chatting all weekend, not just in and around the contest.


Starting with June 8th, the June Bash will take place Friday through Sunday for four successive weekends. The participating Loose Id authors will be posting excerpts on the following themes:
– June 8-10 – All “real” or “true to life” fiction books
– June 15-17 – All speculative fiction books
– June 22-24 – All “real” or “true to life” books
– June 29-30 & July 1 – all speculative fiction books

“Real” or “true to life” fiction means there are no fantastic or “out of this world” elements to the story; the category could include (but does not need to be limited to) straight contemporary, historical or adventure stories. “Speculative fiction” means that there are speculative elements or paranormal elements to the story, which could include fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction.
NOTE: Interpretation of the themes is completely up to the author and is not enforced.


One $25, two $10 and two $5 Loose Id gift certificates will be given away each of the four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, one grand prize of a Loose Id VIP membership will also be given away.


During the contest days, the authors will be posting official excerpts. The subject of each official excerpt post will include the phrase “JUNE BASH EXCERPT”. Example, “JUNE BASH EXCERPT: Heaven by Jet Mykles”.

Between 12AM EST on each Friday and 11:59PM EST on each Sunday, send an email to liauthors @ yahoo . com (no spaces) and include the following from any ONE official excerpt:
1) Author’s name
2) Title of the book for the excerpt
3) The name–first or last or both–of any one of the main characters mentioned in the excerpt

Again, the excerpt containing your information must be for the current weekend, not the previous weekend and the words “June Bash Excerpt” must be in the subject line. Entry emails will only be accepted between Friday and Sunday.

You only have to include infomation from ONE excerpt, not all of them.

Each entrant may send ONE email per weekend. With the exception of the grand prize, each winner may only win once for the month.


On the Wednesday following each weekend, the winners of the prizes will be posted by email to the group. Each winner will also be sent an email directly. Winners have until Friday to respond. Those winners who do not respond by Friday will lose the prize and another entrant from the appropriate weekend will be selected to win the prize.

Winners of each week’s gift certificates are not eligible to win gift certificates in the following weeks.

The grand prize of the VIP membership will be awarded to one entrant among all the official entrants from each of the four weekends. Previous winners are eligible.

Above rules are subject to update at any time. Updates will be posted to the Loose Id Community group.

The Balancing Act

From my recent AOER post. Be sure to check out the other interesting author posts.

Being a writer is one of the most slavishly selfish occupations on this earth, yet one of the most giving.

I’m an erotic romance writer, so predominantly the authors in this genre are women. We have husbands (and a few wives), children, houses and pets to look after, errands to run, sports to chauffeur to, mouths to feed and poop to scoop. All this is not very conducive to getting the next sexy erotic romance out of the dark recesses of our brains and onto paper.

As writers we sacrifice a lot to bring you new and interesting stories.

Balancing actIn the majority, authors write in their spare time — but what exactly is spare time? After the 9 to 5 slog, there’s dinner to prepare, homework to help with, husbands to fondle … just where are you supposed to fit writing into all of that? Something has to go. But do you make the kids give up something so you’re not spending so much time in the car carting them to and fro? Put hubby on a regimented schedule where he’ll only see your lovely face but two times a week, because every other night your head will be buried in your keyboard? Give the dog his leash and tell him to take himself for a walk?

Of course there are those that don’t have to hold down a day job to pay the bills, but for most giving up all else just to park our butt in a chair and write isn’t an option. I’m lucky enough that at this point (not of my own choosing fyi *shakes fist at the greencard paperpushers*) I could be a full time author — well, when kiddo is in school — but I do have another ‘day job’ that takes up my time, even if it is done from home. But I still don’t seem to be able to find all the time I would like to dedicate to purely writing. I just can’t seem to park this slowly spreading arse of mine in that chair and type.

Theory is, if I sat in the chair for 4-6hrs a day, I’d have at least 5000 words a day, which in eBook terms means the basic outlines of a manuscript down in a week.

*Snort*, yeah, right!

I WISH I could keep that pace, and for a wee while I did, but my increasingly shortening attention span has kicked in and now I’ve got to go do a load of washing, wash my hair, do the dishes, sew a skirt, write another couple’a hundred words … and on the cycle goes. I’d really like to blame it on late onset adult ADHD, but I have a funny feeling my doctor would have a great laugh at my expense while calling everyone else in to take a look at the delusional foreign lady. So that theoretical week turns into very real months.

In an effort to get my waning self determination a kick in the pants I’ve started carting the laptop with me to kiddo’s tutoring appointments — 3/4 an hour of sitting in the car writing. It’s been great thus far, but now summers here … parked car, summer and Florida — not such a good mix, but I’m working with it. It might only be 3-500 words, but hell, it’s more words than what I had when I started!

I’d be interested to see what other people have come up with that are slightly unusual options for ‘git’in er done‘.

A T43 Reader Competition

I’m running a little bit late – blame it on my iron! (no not the 9 iron, the old fashioned get the wrinkles out of my clothes one)

So here it is, the prize:

(you can see more pictures here )

How to be in to win:1. Name three (3) towns or cities mentioned in T43
2. What was the name of the ice cream shop in Mission Bay?
3. How was Wren injured?

Email your answers to before Friday the 15th of June, 2007, to be in for a chance to win.