A sweet little review

I hadn’t even thought about reviews for Making out I don’t quite know why, our wonderful coordinator would have sent it along to the usual suspects, but when this came through I was surprised none the less 🙂

Nymph Rating: 5 Nymphs
Nymph: Northern Nymph

Jo and her two husbands Brian and Matt are back for a romantic interlude. These three are as steamy as ever!

Brian and Matt decide that Jo needs a break from her attempts to have a baby so they kidnap her for a long weekend. Much to their delight the weekend starts off early with a fun make out session in the truck and a surprise visitor!!!

I loved the story of these three in The McCabes: Persuading Jo and it was nice to read about them again! They are still the same sexy, sensuous threesome that I remember!

You should pick up a copy today if you haven’t already – it’s perfect for a quick 30min read!

Finally made a title choice…

If you read my blog regularly, you will know I’ve been having some indecision over the McCabes2 book title.

Well, I finally decided, and the new name can go to one of my blog readers who suggested a mix of two of my more favourite titles, Past Truths and Bruised Pasts. So Bruised Truths is the winner with Chrysalis coming in a very close running 2nd.

And yes, yes, my fingers are getting titchy again, theres a new website design in the processes 🙂