Making Out

Baby Fever.

Jo has a bad case of it, and Matt and Brian need to find a cure.

What do you do when love notes become temperature charts, sex toys become thermometers, and your sex life is on a timetable?

You sneak around making plans, you scheme behind people’s backs, you kidnap your wife… and then?… you hope the cops don’t catch you Making Out!

Covers are out on the coming soon page – and indeed these will soon be here!

If you liked Persuading Jo, make sure to catch up with the lovers in Making Out!

Romantic Times Reviews in.

Along with a number of other Loose Id authors (and quite a few of them AOER members) I advertised in the recent April edition of the Romantic Times Magazine.

Hadn’t quite been sure if I would obtain a review or not being that RT has a firm stance on not reviewing any m/m romance. And Persuading Jo, although a menage story, definitely includes m/m love scenes. But, yay for me, I did receive a review!

I don’t have access to the website to cut and paste (stupid me can’t remember my log in!), so here is a fresh from my fingers typed out version:

The McCabes:Persuading Jo
Anne Douglas
3 Stars
Three best friends come to perms with changes in their relationship. Character development is limited by the short word count, and there are same-sex encounters, menage-a-trois and anal sex elements. This is definitely not a story for the faint at heart.
Summary: Jo has been jealous of the close relationship her friends Matt and Brian enjoy. She knows they’re lovers, yet she can’t help but wish she was part of their loving circle. When the rules change and they begin to pursue her, will she give in to the passion and attraction that has ruled her life for so long, or will she walk away?
Reviewer: Kristi Ahlers

So there you are folks, my first ever published (as in paper versus the internet) review.

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