P&E Readers Poll Results

Preditors and Editors have posted the results of their 2006 Readers poll.

Persuading Jo was entered in the Category: Electronic Romance Novel and finished 4th overall. And in the Category: Author pages I finished 7th equal!

I guess this means that I can flash around one of these 🙂 :

So do I get give one of those stuttering Oscar speeches thanking my cat for her constant company while I’m writing, and my husband for being kind enough to by me a laptop then not complain to much when 10mths later I want to trade it in for a new mac laptop instead, and my sister for kindly telling me “this paragraph is a load of shite” and “oooh, this bits good!”, and my editor for putting up with all my seriously wacked diva tantrums and tears? Oops, sorry B that was a bit of one of those run on sentances you keep telling me off for.

Seriously, everyone that I nagged begged politely asked to voted for me, thankyou!

Okay off to find a home for a new graphic on the PJ pages!

Kitsch is good?

I’ve decided to have a bit of fun.

Many author websites are dramatic, flowery, quaint, and quite a few…well…I have to agree with The Ja(y)nes – stars are just not good. But not many of them are fun, or maybe funny is a better description – many of them have some geat content!

Oh sure, there’s bad poseur art that might make you laugh – though usually that wasn’t its intention. But I havent found one yet that I keep coming back to to see what weird and wonderful things they have come up with next. So thats going to be my endevour.

Weird, wonderful and all things kitschy but somehow pertaining to romance or erotic romance…so you will never quite know what you might find.

The first example is Miss Kissy Fish. Isn’t she just lovely? I found her amongst the Valentines day piles at the Dollar Store.

Personally, I think that fin looks like she giving us all the finger and shes got a nice scowl to go along with it – obviously Valentines wasn’t a good day for her!

More fiddle diddling…

Time for my usual ‘can’t stop fiddling with crap and altering my website’ stuff for the week. Though this might just be round one. Don’t know that i’m diggin’ this – its just a little bit photoshoppy, and since I know I can do a better job without using the photos as a starting point, I might just have to do that over the next few days.

Under the Influence

No, not the alcoholic kind!

If you have ever hit the Authors of Erotic Romance link on the side bar, you will have found the web site a group of us newbie authors at LI are putting together. We’ve been running a little thing called Under the Influence where an image is posted and we have to write a short and dirty story influenced by the image.

So here is mine for UI#3.

PS keep an eye out for new blog artwork, yup its about that time again to make a header change 🙂

Hard at work

As if!

Seriously though, I have been tinkering away at lots of things lately. You can find me ranting about a lot of them on my blogspot blog. I try keep this for Official Author Stuff – can you hear the big voice over of doom?

In other words I keep the ranting an raving in one spot so at least a small portion of my website is respectable. 🙂

Tea for Three is back to B for the first round of edits. And we have an estimated publishing date of June, but things often change with release lineups so maybe, with a little luck, you might see it before then – however you might see it later too.

I’m heading away, supposedly scrapbooking, this weekend but my laptop is going with me and I might spend the time with McCabes2 (which I had all intention of having re-vamped and hopefully published by now…but…well…) and Accidentally Were? (there is a little excerpt on my blog at the moment FYI). I really need to crack into those two and get them done. Wish me luck!